“I’ve been a broker within our industry for more than 30 years, including spending 22 years working for CB Richard Ellis. In my opinion, Jim Gillespie is the best commercial real estate trainer in the business.”

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“Within 7 weeks after beginning my work with Jim I landed new business worth over $500,000.00 in commissions to me!”

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“Jim Gillespie has both the knowledge and the expertise to take your commercial real estate brokerage business to the next level. If you’re considering working with a coach, I recommend that you hire him.”

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Legendary commercial real estate broker and 3x N.Y. Times #1 Best Selling Author

Welcome to Advanced Commercial Real Estate Coaching

With more than 35 years of experience in our industry, Jim is the Founder and Creator of Commercial Real Estate Coaching, and he provides the following services:


  • One-on-One Commercial Real Estate Coaching
  • Business Consulting
  • Commercial Real Estate Training and Seminars
  • Live Teleconferences and Webinars
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My Recent Blogposts

Congress May Eliminate the 1031 Exchange and Interest Deductibility on Loans

on Jan 9, 2017

There are some very serious changes being proposed within the tax code here in the U.S. that have been moving forward, and these changes could have a dramatic impact on commercial real estate. Congress right now is proposing to both eliminate the Section 1031 tax-deferred exchange, and eliminate the deductibility of interest paid on commercial real estate loans. Can you imagine what these two changes alone could do to the sheer volume of commercial real estate transactions that would be closing, in addition to how they might impact the prices that buyers would now be willing to pay for commercial properties? Here is an article that discusses this, along with a Web site that provides some good resources on this, too. In addition, your clients and prospects would want to know about this, so tell them, and tell them to contact their members of Congress to express their true opinions on this: Click here for the article. Click here for the Web site that has the additional...

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The Importance of Mastering Your State of Mind in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

on Nov 7, 2016

In this video I’ll tell you how important mastering your state of mind is in commercial real estate brokerage, and how top producers constantly live in the ideal state of mind. When you master your state of mind, you’ll be constantly living in a state of expecting solid, great new transactions to come your way, making it much easier for you to find them.  

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The Commercial Real Estate Seller Who Was a Criminal

on Oct 25, 2016

We have to deal with some pretty rough people sometimes in commercial real estate brokerage. With this in mind, here’s the story of a seller who tried to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from a client of mine during one of my transactions.

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Here’s One Activity You Can Do That Will Definitely Land You More Commercial Real Estate Listings

on Sep 6, 2016

During this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you one important activity that top commercial brokers are doing that’s getting them to land more listings. When you learn how to do this effectively, you’ll begin building the bond with your owners that will have them saying “Yes” to listing their properties with you more frequently than they’ll be listing their properties with your competitors.

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How to Schedule Appointments When You’re Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

on Aug 8, 2016

When you’re prospecting and you want to set an appointment with someone, the more that the person believes that the appointment will be valuable for them, the more likely they will then move forward and schedule the appointment with you. During this 2-3 minute video I’ll show you one way to schedule an appointment with someone that maximizes the probability that they’ll say “Yes” to you.

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Can You Vary Your Presentation Style As Amazingly Well As This Woman Does?

on Jul 18, 2016

For many years I’ve been telling commercial brokers about the importance of being able to vary your presentation style, depending on your audience. Corporate decision makers want to see and hear a different kind of presentation than entrepreneurial decision makers oftentimes do, and the more that you can understand your specific audience and deliver the presentation that they’d really like, the more successful you’ll be as a commercial real estate broker. With this in mind I was completely stunned and blown away at what I saw within this video! This woman begins by singing within one specific type of music, and then, shall we say, all “hell” breaks loose. May you vary your presentation style as well as this woman does right here, and may you wow your decision makers as well as she wows her judges,...

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