How to Start Off 2023 With a Bang in Your Business!

By on Oct 18, 2022

With a little more than two months to go before the New Year arrives, here’s an idea that can help you to emerge even more as being the market leader within your territory.

When the New Year gets here, everyone wants to know what to expect in the coming year, and you can now be the one to rise up and occupy the position of being the top expert within their minds. With this in mind, what I recommend you consider doing here, is to host an interview with someone who is an economic forecast expert in your area, and interview them on the trends that they are observing within your local economy, as well as on what they’re projecting for 2023. In addition, during the interview, you can add your own perspective on what you’re projecting for the commercial real estate market in 2023, too.

Then you can announce both the upcoming live interview and the recording of it in emails to your clients and prospects, and post this on social media, too, mentioning the name and the credentials of your distinguished guest, and then include the links to listen to the interview, too. In addition, if your interview guest has a substantial email list, and/or social media presence, have them post the same links also, and this will now get both of you even greater exposure.

This will now help to have you emerge even more as being the market leader within your territory, because who, but the market leader, would be interviewing an economic expert like this, and bringing an important economic and real estate forecast like this one to the community?

There will be many commercial real estate brokers who will read these words, and many who will also believe that this would be a good idea. But how many commercial real estate agents will truly move forward and execute on this?

In addition, if things go well for both you and your guest during the interview, you could consider doing a mid-year economic and real estate market forecast together again in July, and then consider doing these forecasts once every six months together.

This would then REALLY help to position you on an ongoing basis with your commercial real estate clients and prospects, as being the one broker who’s now taken the lead on providing them with the important information.

In addition to this, when you’re doing your prospecting, you can now offer to send this interview to the people who you will be talking to, which will then help to solidify you even further within their minds. And, this kind of exposure can lead to more speaking engagements for you, and being asked to participate at important upcoming business and real estate events, too.

So, could this be a good idea for you?

And while keeping this in mind, I’m now coaching a broker who is just within his first 60 days of being in the business, he loves this idea, and he’s going to jump all over it!

What a great way to now announce yourself with certainty to your marketplace, and plant your flag firmly, as now being the top expert and market leader within your territory!

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