Jim’s one-on-one coaching program gives agents great new insights and ideas for what they can do to improve their results within their brokerage businesses, and his regular coaching sessions make sure that agents do what they say they’re going to do and stay focused, on track, and producing outstanding results within their brokerage businesses. Many agents say that just the accountability alone within this program, making sure that they’re doing what they know they should be doing within their own brokerage businesses, produces amazing results for them! But when you combine this with Jim’s expertise, and his knowledge of what top-producing brokers are doing within their own brokerage businesses, and Jim’s ability to teach you how to integrate this into your own brokerage business…the results can be explosive!

Click on the video above for a 1-2 minute presentation from Jim on his coaching services.

In addition to his one-on-one coaching, Jim leads a live teleconference coaching program where he interviews top commercial brokers, and as part of this program the audience members get to ask questions of both Jim and the top commercial brokers he’s interviewing. In addition, all members receive the audio CDs from these interviews, the MP3 recordings, the written transcriptions, the written highlights, and a 4-page monthly commercial broker newsletter that they can mail or E-mail to all of their clients and prospects.

All of Jim’s one-on-one coaching clients automatically become members of the teleconference program, too, as a special bonus to them for becoming one-on-one coaching clients.

In addition, listening to the interviews with these top commercial brokers, where they’ll roll up their sleeves and tell you everything they’re doing to produce such outstanding results within their brokerage businesses, is amazing!

For more information on this program, and to receive a two-month free trial of the program, click here.

For individuals and offices interested in ongoing coaching and training, the teleconference program provides it for them.

In addition, Jim speaks at live events and conferences for commercial real estate brokerage companies, associations, and for other organizations within our industry, too.

Click here for testimonials from some of the many agents that Jim has coached.

For more information on all of Jim’s programs, please contact Jim directly.

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