“I’ve been a broker within our industry for more than 30 years, including spending 22 years working for CB Richard Ellis. In my opinion, Jim Gillespie is the best commercial real estate trainer in the business.”

t-bill-Bill Ukropina

Coldwell Banker Commercial

“Within 7 weeks after beginning my work with Jim I landed new business worth over $500,000.00 in commissions to me!”

t-mike-Mike Giuliano

Lee & Associates

“Jim Gillespie has both the knowledge and the expertise to take your commercial real estate brokerage business to the next level. If you’re considering working with a coach, I recommend that you hire him.”

t-robert-Robert Ringer

Legendary commercial real estate broker and 3x N.Y. Times #1 Best Selling Author

Proudly having coached and trained commercial brokers from the following companies and organizations:

Welcome to Advanced Commercial Real Estate Coaching

With more than 35 years of experience in our industry, Jim is the Founder and Creator of Commercial Real Estate Coaching, and he provides the following services:


  • One-on-One Commercial Real Estate Coaching
  • Business Consulting
  • Commercial Real Estate Training and Seminars
  • Live Teleconferences and Webinars
  • Professional Speaking


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My Recent Blogposts

‘Tis the Season to Change Brokerage Companies

on Sep 24, 2021

The Holiday Season has always been a natural time for many brokers to make the move to join another brokerage company. So with this in mind, here are some ideas to help you decide whether or not making the move right now would be a good idea for you…

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How Much Research Should You Do Before Calling a Commercial Real Estate Prospect?

on Sep 6, 2021

How much research should you do on your commercial real estate prospects before you finally pickup the phone and call them? Because there are some brokers I’ve encountered over the years, and they’re oftentimes with the larger brokerage companies, who believe that they need to spend a significant amount of time researching and learning about a company or an organization, before they ever pick up the phone and call them…

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Here’s One Question You’ll Never Want to Ask Your Clients

on Aug 30, 2021

The words you say to your clients and prospects will either direct them towards closing a transaction with you, or direct them away from doing so. So with this in mind, you need to be very careful of what you say to your people, because you can unconsciously be directing them away from your desired outcome…

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Take a Look at This Commercial Broker’s E-newsletters

on Aug 9, 2021

In knowing that both email and e-newsletters have now been around for so long, it’s still interesting for me to observe the relatively low number of commercial real estate brokers who are sending e-newsletters out to their clients and prospects on a regular basis…

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Proudly having coached and trained commercial brokers from the following companies and organizations:

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