“I’ve been a broker within our industry for more than 30 years, including spending 22 years working for CB Richard Ellis. In my opinion, Jim Gillespie is the best commercial real estate trainer in the business.”

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“Within 7 weeks after beginning my work with Jim I landed new business worth over $500,000.00 in commissions to me!”

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“Jim Gillespie has both the knowledge and the expertise to take your commercial real estate brokerage business to the next level. If you’re considering working with a coach, I recommend that you hire him.”

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Legendary commercial real estate broker and 3x N.Y. Times #1 Best Selling Author

Proudly having coached and trained commercial brokers from the following companies and organizations:

Welcome to Advanced Commercial Real Estate Coaching

With more than 35 years of experience in our industry, Jim is the Founder and Creator of Commercial Real Estate Coaching, and he provides the following services:


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My Recent Blogposts

Should You Be Calling Owners Who Have Loans Coming Due?

on Mar 20, 2023

They showed me how you can lookup a specific geographical area, and their software will then show you the loans that are coming due on buildings within that area, together with the ownership information, and in many situations, the owner’s phone number and email address, too…

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How to Schedule Follow-Up Calls With Your Commercial Real Estate Prospects

on Feb 28, 2023

When you’re in the middle of a prospecting call with someone, and the person has an upcoming requirement that you’ll want to be following-up on, what’s a good way to schedule that follow-up time with them? Because many brokers will just say something like, “Can I call you again in a week?”, which may or may not be the ideal time frame for your prospect…

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Major Brokerage Companies Report Declining Sales Volume

on Feb 21, 2023

Marcus & Millichap is reporting a 48% decline in brokerage commission revenue during the fourth quarter of 2022, as compared with in the fourth quarter of 2021. In addition, Newmark reported a 62% decrease in property sales during this same time period, while Colliers reported a 9% decrease in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2022. However, Colliers executives said that the company may experience a decline of up to 50% in property sales and capital markets revenue, during the first six months of 2023. Click here to read the article on this, and you can click on the links within that article to see the additional, relevant information. In addition, if you’d like to see an even more detailed breakdown of the financial information that Marcus & Millichap has reported, click...

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How to Make Sure That You’re Not Wasting Your Time Making Listing Presentations

on Feb 7, 2023

One of the situations that you definitely want to avoid when making listing presentations, is making a presentation when you have zero or very little chance of landing the listing. This can happen when the decision maker has already determined who they’ll be listing with, but they just want to receive some additional listing presentations for their own due diligence. In addition, within the corporate environment, the person may be told by their boss that they should receive 3-4 listing presentations in total along with the broker presentation packages, even though the broker who will get the listing has already been determined by the company.

So with this in mind, here is a question that I recommend you ask an owner whenever they’re inviting you to make a listing presentation to them…

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The Illusion That Many Commercial Brokers Live Under

on Jan 31, 2023

I constantly see brokers who say they want to make a lot more money, but they believe that doing so has nothing whatsoever to do with changing their routine. Their attitude seems to be, “The routine is fine, but I just need to keep working it in the months and years ahead, and then the big money will finally fall onto my lap.”

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How to Leave More Powerful Voicemail Messages

on Dec 20, 2022

So many brokers have gotten into the habit of leaving boring voicemail messages whenever they’re prospecting…the kind of messages that really don’t inspire decision makers to want to call them back…

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Designing Your Broker Game Plan for Success in 2023

on Dec 5, 2022

With the Holidays now upon us, you’ve got several weeks right now to design your game plan for success for the New Year, if you haven’t already done so. Otherwise things are going to be heating up for you once again right after the New Year very quickly, getting you right back into your same old routine from 2022, if you don’t take the time to focus on making the necessary changes right now…

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Proudly having coached and trained commercial brokers from the following companies and organizations:

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