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Here’s a Proactive Way to Begin Getting More Referrals

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Getting referrals is something that many commercial real estate agents are often not very actively focused on, but here’s one way that you can partner-up with other people, to create a mutually beneficial business referral relationship…

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The Ideal State Of Mind to Live In As A Broker

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With the commercial real estate market now having transitioned in many areas, and with so many owners and principals not being as enthusiastic today as they once were about buying and selling, it’s very, very important for you to now optimize the state of mind that you’re continually living in as a broker…

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Can You Learn From This Top Broker’s Game Plan?

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There’s one coaching client I’m working with now who earns an income greater than what more than 90% of all brokers would be thrilled with to be earning themselves, and during our most recent coaching call together, we came up with the following game plan, that he tells me he’s now really excited about implementing…

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Here’s an Important Question You Need to Answer During Listing Presentations

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Whenever you’re going after a listing, recognize that the following question is continually bouncing around within your owner’s mind:

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Here’s How to Become the Celebrity Broker in Your Market

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Here’s something simple you can do that will help to brand yourself in people’s minds, have them see you as the market leader, and have them appreciate the valuable information that you’ll be providing to them…

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Here’s an Owner Offering a Mercedes Benz as a Bonus Commission!

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As the economy continues to transition into a world where it’s becoming more challenging to close transactions, you have to hand it to Michael Hartel, Nick Velasquez, and Grant Clancy of Colliers International. For their 90,385 square-foot listing in Anaheim, California, they’ve gotten their owner to agree to offer a Mercedes Benz as a bonus to the broker who leases the facility for a minimum of seven years…

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Here’s a Glossary of Terms for Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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If you’d like to have a glossary of commercial real estate terms handy, two of the best brokers in the business, Craig Coppola and Andrew Cheney of Lee & Associates in Phoenix, Arizona recently put one together, and you can download it right here.

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Should You Be Calling Owners Who Have Loans Coming Due?

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They showed me how you can lookup a specific geographical area, and their software will then show you the loans that are coming due on buildings within that area, together with the ownership information, and in many situations, the owner’s phone number and email address, too…

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What We Need to Know About These Bank Failures

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We’ve heard many times over the years about the dangers of Ponzi schemes, but when we look at how the banking industry is really run, how different is it in reality from being a Ponzi scheme?

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Getting Your Property Owners to Sell at Today’s Prices

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So many brokers are scratching their heads right now, as they’re dealing with the gap between what buyers now want to pay when purchasing property, vs. what the sellers still want to receive for their property…

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