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Here’s How to Get Your Commercial Real Estate Owners to Sell Their Property

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Normally it can be difficult to convince owners to sell their property when they have no real underlying reason to do so, but we’re living in a very unique time right now. We not only have the coronavirus happening, but it also appears that we are now moving into an economic downturn, and asking one simple question of property owners can help you to motivate a certain percentage of them to list their property for sale right now, and put it on the market…

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Here’s an Audio Interview Featuring Two of the Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers in the Business!

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Recently I sat down with Craig Coppola, SIOR, CCIM, and Mike Spears, SIOR, CCIM, and we had a discussion on “How to Excel in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage During These Challenging Times”. In addition, you can download and listen to this audio interview for free…

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Here’s An Opportunity This Market Now Presents for Residential Real Estate Agents

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Commercial real estate has been my area of expertise for more than 40 years now, but if you have a spouse, a relative, or a friend who is a residential real estate agent, I have an idea that may now be helpful to them…

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How To Appropriately Market Yourself and Your Firm During a Global Crisis

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Everything is different right now because of what has been happening around the coronavirus, and with this in mind, this now requires you to approach your clients and prospects in a completely different manner…

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Top Commercial Real Estate Industry Leaders Speak Out About the Impact of the Coronavirus

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I was invited to participate in a high-level industry teleconference, where leaders from the ownership, lending, and legal specialties within our industry were giving their experiences, observations, and recommendations around the impact that the coronavirus has been having on our industry.

These participants asked that their names not be disclosed to anyone outside of the live teleconference, and here is a summary of the major points that they discussed during the teleconference:

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What the Coronavirus Now Means to Your Commercial Real Estate Market

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The impact of the threat of the coronavirus has set a tone and a feeling within our nation that’s been unprecedented since 9/11. However, right after 9/11 we were still free to walk around, go to events, visit shopping malls, and go to restaurants. So in my opinion, the ongoing fear, and the restrictions now set upon us, along with our ongoing concerns around the coronavirus are impacting us even more severely…

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How to Become the True Champion for Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

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We’re living in a highly politically-charged environment right now, and this can create tremendous opportunity for you. There are politicians who will propose things that can be very irritating to commercial real estate property owners, and you can become their champion by keeping these people informed, and fighting for their cause…

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How to Get to the Real Commercial Real Estate Decision Maker

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Sometimes once you’ve identified a prospect, you may have concerns about whether the person you’re talking to is really the ultimate commercial real estate decision maker, or whether you need to really be talking to someone else instead. This can become a sensitive situation, as you don’t want to insult the person you’re already talking to, but at the same time, you really want to be talking to the ultimate person who will have the final say so on all commercial real estate decisions.

Keeping this in mind, a question you can utilize in this situation, when you’re talking to the person who you believe may not be the ultimate decision maker, is…

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Here’s a Source of New Business That Many Commercial Real Estate Agents Overlook

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One of the biggest mistakes that commercial real estate brokers make is dropping out all communication with their past clients once they’ve closed a transaction with them. Keeping this in mind, when you’ve been in the business for years, and you’ve closed a good number of transactions during that time, you may find that there are…

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Here’s the One Main Commercial Real Estate Activity to Make Sure You’re Getting Done in 2020

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Hopefully you’ve already set your goals for 2020 and have designed the game plan you’ll follow to achieve your success, but if I were to suggest one activity to accomplish that will greatly help to ensure your success, it would be to…

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