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Here’s How to Become a Celebrity Broker in Your Market

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Here’s something simple you can do that will help to brand yourself in people’s minds, have them see you as the market leader, and have them appreciate the valuable information that you’ll be providing to them…

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‘Tis the Season to Change Brokerage Companies

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The Holiday Season has always been a natural time for many brokers to make the move to join another brokerage company. So with this in mind, here are some ideas to help you decide whether or not making the move right now would be a good idea for you…

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How to Help Ensure That Your Email Gets Read

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In today’s world, with so many things constantly vying for our attention in our Inbox, it’s important that your Email gets both noticed and opened…

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Take a Look at This Stunning Software for Creating Broker Presentation Packages

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So what do you do then if you’re a broker working for a company that doesn’t already have great software available for creating solid presentation packages? Well, one solid option now is to take advantage of the software known as the Commercial Real Estate Online Publisher, located at…

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How Much Research Should You Do Before Calling a Commercial Real Estate Prospect?

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How much research should you do on your commercial real estate prospects before you finally pickup the phone and call them? Because there are some brokers I’ve encountered over the years, and they’re oftentimes with the larger brokerage companies, who believe that they need to spend a significant amount of time researching and learning about a company or an organization, before they ever pick up the phone and call them…

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Here’s One Question You’ll Never Want to Ask Your Clients

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The words you say to your clients and prospects will either direct them towards closing a transaction with you, or direct them away from doing so. So with this in mind, you need to be very careful of what you say to your people, because you can unconsciously be directing them away from your desired outcome…

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Determining the 3 Key Activities That Will Generate More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Income for You

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Developing great brokerage business for yourself often comes down to doing just several simple activities consistently. During this video I’ll help you determine the 3 key activities that will generate 65-80% of your brokerage income.  

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Take a Look at This Commercial Broker’s E-newsletters

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In knowing that both email and e-newsletters have now been around for so long, it’s still interesting for me to observe the relatively low number of commercial real estate brokers who are sending e-newsletters out to their clients and prospects on a regular basis…

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Take a Look at This Video from These Two Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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Something that I’ve been recommending for years that commercial real estate brokers should do, is to host a monthly or a quarterly video market update, keeping your clients and prospects informed on what’s going on within your territory…

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Could You Utilize a Transaction Coordinator in Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business?

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On the residential side of the real estate brokerage industry, there are people known as transaction coordinators who will work along with the agents on their sale transactions, and basically do most of the follow-up once the agreement to sell a home has been signed by both buyer and seller…

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