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If You Need to Sue to Get Paid Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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When I was brand new in commercial real estate brokerage, the man who was my broker, a wonderful man named Al Rose, told me that if I ever needed to sue someone to collect a commercial real estate commission, to do everything that I could to settle the matter first, rather than go the entire distance through our court system. And of course, with me being the young broker without the decades of experience that Al had within our industry, I was convinced that justice would ultimately prevail within our legal system, and that I would be vindicated, if necessary, and receive my full commission in the end…

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How to Get Your Commercial Real Estate Buyer to Pay Your Commission

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Sometimes when you come across an off-the-market property as a commercial real estate broker, the seller will tell you that they’re interested in selling the property, but they’re not willing to pay you a commission. So in this situation, you’ll then want to ask the seller…

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The Importance of You Prospecting Continually in Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

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When you prospect continually in your commercial real estate brokerage business, you’ll develop more leads, you’ll make more money, and you’ll continually upgrade the quality of the clients you’ll be working with. In addition, because you’ll continually be finding newer and better leads to work on, you’ll be replacing your more marginal leads with these newer and better leads, and you’ll continually be increasing the average amount of commission you’ll be earning per transaction, too!...

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Here’s a Good Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Team Introduction Video

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When it comes to excellence in commercial real estate brokerage, it would be difficult to find a better overall team than the Coppola Cheney team of Lee & Associates in Phoenix, Arizona. This team is a dominant force within the office market in their territory, they are highly driven, and they are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to excellence. In addition, each broker who is a member of their team is responsible for attending 8-9 networking events every month, so this should tell you something about their dedication to building new relationships, and uncovering every single opportunity that exists for them within their market…

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The Power of Utilizing Testimonials in Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Listing Presentation Packages

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Something that’s important to understand when making listing presentations is that you’re constantly being compared to your competitors, so you need to clearly stand out as the best choice your owners could ever make in a commercial real estate agent. With this in mind, utilizing testimonials in your presentation packages from people you’ve already successfully closed transactions with can definitely help you stand out, because people are used to hearing salespeople talk about how great they are, and why they are definitely the best. But reading 10-40 testimonials from your past clients, discussing how great their experience was in working with you, can get your owners to believe that they’ll have this exact same kind of experience with you when they hire you to list and market their property…

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Here’s a Financial Scam We Need to Watch Out For

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There’s a financial scam that’s been going on for years now, and you may not fully know about it. It typically involves someone who is operating on their own as an investment advisor, apparently showing tremendous investment returns for their clients…

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Powerfully Negotiating for Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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The time that you spend successfully negotiating for your commercial real estate commission will probably represent the highest amount of money that you’ll ever get paid per hour within our industry…

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Here’s an Idea for Finding a Commercial Real Estate Assistant

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A coaching client of mine came up with an interesting and creative way to find an assistant to help him in his commercial real estate brokerage business…

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Here’s What Not Getting Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Calls Done is Costing You

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When you’re not getting your commercial real estate prospecting calls done, don’t be deluded in terms of how much money this is costing you. Determine the value that every prospecting call represents to you in terms of the income that you’ll earn from it, then when you don’t get your calls done, determine how much money you’ve now cost yourself in...

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The Two Major Arenas for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

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Once you have good market knowledge and can talk to people intelligently about what’s going on in the marketplace, I believe your success in its simplest form in commercial real estate brokerage comes down to two main arenas: 1) Finding the prospects that you want to be working with, and 2) Getting these people to work with you exclusively. This presupposes that you have a good set of people skills and that people enjoy working with you, too. So if you’d like to begin generating more business, take a look at this video and determine which of these two arenas you need to begin focusing on....

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