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Do This When an Owner Tries to Renegotiate Your Commission

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When an owner tries to renegotiate your commission right as they’re about to accept an offer, how you handle the situation will determine how much commission you’ll end up putting in your own pocket. During this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you how to verbally reframe what the owner is asking you to do, to maximize the chances that you’ll walk away with more...

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Here’s an Important Question to Ask When Pursuing a Commercial Real Estate Listing

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Whenever you’re pursuing a commercial real estate listing, it’s important to understand whether or not you have a legitimate chance to even get the listing, or whether another broker or brokerage team will probably end up getting the listing, and you’re just being used to make your listing presentation…

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This Could Be a Big Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate Agents!

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With everything that’s been going on around the pandemic, companies have definitely been hurting. What this means is that there are companies out there that are trying to figure out where they’re going to get the necessary cash from to fund their ongoing operations, and a sale/leaseback transaction could be the ideal ticket for them to accomplish this…

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Is It Time to Start Hosting Your Own Commercial Real Estate Podcast?

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As a broker you ideally need to give your clients and prospects a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors, but with so many brokers looking similar to each other and making similar listing presentations, how do you differentiate yourself from all the rest of the pack? One way can be to host your own commercial real estate podcast, where you’ll be giving your take on what’s going on within your market, and creating a bond with your clients and prospects as being the one broker who’s keeping them informed on important trends and subjects…

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How to Determine if Your Owner is a Serious Seller

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Sometimes you’ll come across owners who will tell you that they don’t want to list their property, but then they’ll tell you, “Just bring me an offer.” So how do you know in these situations whether or not they’re really serious about selling?…

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Here’s a Brilliant Idea for the New Paradigm That We’re Living In

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There’s a company called Landing that’s now implemented a new idea that I believe is perfect for where our working world now seems to be headed. Since more and more people will be working remotely, Landing now owns fully-furnished apartments in 20 major U.S. cities, and for a membership fee of just $199.00 a year, you can freely move about the country to live in an apartment in any one of these cities by giving 30-days advance notice of your intention to do so…

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How Many Prospecting Calls Should You Be Making Right Now?

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If you’ve gotten off track from making your calls, do you believe that you should be making maybe 20 calls a day right now? If not, how about making 10 calls a day, or if you’ve really gotten off track, how about beginning with getting just five prospecting calls a day done, for a total of just 25 calls per week?…

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How and When to Ask for Your Prospect’s E-mail Address

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In addition, a good approach to ask people for their E-mail address can be by saying something similar to the following…

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What to Say When You’re Prospecting People on the Telephone Today

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When you’re prospecting people on the telephone today, you don’t want to dive right in and ignore the 800-pound gorilla that’s sitting right in the middle of the room. Everybody’s been impacted by COVID-19, and when you ignore this during your prospecting calls, and you go straight into asking an owner if they’re thinking of selling their building, you really risk sounding like an unconscious, uncaring broker…

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Here’s How One Commercial Broker Delivers an Exceptional Experience to His Clients!

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When he closes a sale transaction with his people, sometimes he’ll set up a table right in front of the building, then bring along a bottle of champagne, two champagne glasses, and a saber sword, and then he’ll open the champagne bottle with the saber sword, pour the champagne into the glasses, and have the two principals drink a toast for having successfully completed the transaction together…

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