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How to Exclude Your Buyers from Another Broker’s Listing

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I have a coaching client who has done something very successfully over the years: When an owner is about to list their property and put it on the market with another brokerage company, my client has been very successful at getting the owner to exclude from the listing the buyers he’s already presented the property to, and sometimes even the buyers he still wants to present the property to also…

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Do You Need to Be Aggressive as a Commercial Real Estate Salesperson?

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But what does the term “aggressive” really mean within the context of truly being outstanding in sales? Because oftentimes it is misinterpreted by salespeople as meaning that they need to be pushy and forceful with people, and that can really just repel people away from working with you…

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How to Schedule an Appointment During a Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Call

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When you’re talking with a prospect during a prospecting call, and you’ve determined that you would like to meet with them personally for the very first time, how you go about asking them for that appointment will have a lot to do with whether or not they’ll say “Yes” to you. So when you’re moving along within the conversation, getting closer towards the end of it, I recommend that you say something similar to the following to them…

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What Must You Do to Land More Commercial Real Estate Listings?

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When it comes to getting more commercial real estate listings, there’s definitely the prospecting that will have you locate more owners who will want to list their properties, and then there’s what you do after you’ve already located the lead in attempting to move forward to get the listing…

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How to Help Ensure That You Achieve Your Income Goal

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Hopefully you’re experiencing a good year in your business right now, and if I were to suggest one activity to accomplish that will greatly help to ensure your success, it would be to…

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Here’s One Question to Ask That Can Land You More New Business

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Whether you’re talking to someone who is a client, or to someone who is a prospect, a good question to ask them at just the right moment in time is…

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Keep Calling the Owners Who Are Rude to You!

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I once interviewed a coaching client who had managerial responsibilities for the major commercial real estate brokerage firm he was working for at the time, and he told me about the time he had asked a veteran agent to make a presentation to the entire office on prospecting…

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Are You On Track Towards Accomplishing Your Commercial Real Estate Goals for 2022?

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While it may seem a bit early to check in and see how you’re already doing with respect to being on track towards accomplishing your commercial real estate goals for 2021, I find that oftentimes brokers may get soft on themselves in this arena in the early part of the year, which is why I’m checking in with you on this right now…

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Here Are Two Good, Free Resources to Get Commercial Real Estate Market Activity Statistics

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If you’ve ever wanted to get access to good, free detailed statistical and demographical information regarding what’s going on in commercial real estate here in the U.S., I’m going to give you two free resources for this, both published by the National Association of Realtors…

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How to Get More of Your Commercial Real Estate Prospects’ E-mail Addresses

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If getting more of your prospects’ E-mail addresses in 2021 is something that you’d like to do, here’s a simple question to ask them that will definitely help you in doing this.

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