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Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting–What to Say to the Receptionist Part 2

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When you’re doing your commercial real estate prospecting and you’re speaking to the receptionist, how you respond when the receptionist asks you, “What is this regarding?” is very important…

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Here Are 3 Books That I Recommend You Read to Take Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business to the Next Level

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Of the many books that I’ve read, there are three main books that I’m recommending right now to commercial real estate brokers to help them to take both their business and their income to the next level…

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Here’s the Best Marketer I’ve Ever Seen in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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Bill Gladstone of NAI CIR in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the best marketer I’ve ever seen within our industry. He spends more than $100,000.00 a year on marketing, and here are some links so you can see all of his publications…

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Commercial Real Estate Business

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Sometimes, when you begin feeling overwhelmed, you’ll recognize that you need an assistant working along with you in your commercial real estate brokerage business. But you may not be ready to hire a full-time assistant, and this is where hiring a Virtual Assistant can be of great help to you…

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Powerfully Negotiating for Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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The time that you spend successfully negotiating for your commercial real estate commission will probably represent the highest amount of money that you’ll get paid per hour within our industry. Most negotiations around the amount of your commercial real estate commission will take no more than about 2-5 minutes, but these negotiations can represent tens of thousands of additional dollars or more to you. With this in mind, the first thing that I recommend here is…

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How to Beat Your Competitors to Get the Commercial Real Estate Listing

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Scott LaMontagne of JLL has been a coaching client of mine, and he does a brilliant job of differentiating himself and standing out from all of the other brokers. While many brokers refuse to spend money on developing their own businesses, and continually refuse to do what will differentiate themselves and have them stand out from all of their competitors, Scott spends money, including having sent out more than 250,000 mailing pieces within a single year, and he knows how to make his entire team stand out from all of his competitors, too…

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How to Find the Real Commercial Real Estate Decision Maker

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Whenever you’re trying to find the real decision maker within a company, and you sense that you’re talking to someone who isn’t the real decision maker, but you don’t want to insult them, a good question you can ask them is, “Who along with you will be making the decision on this?” This will help you to placate the person’s ego, make them feel that they’re being respected, and help you to then make the connection to the person who really will be making the ultimate decision.

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Determining the 3 Key Activities That Will Generate More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Income for You

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Developing great brokerage business for yourself often comes down to doing just several simple activities consistently. During this video I’ll help you determine the 3 key activities that will generate 65-80% of your brokerage income.  

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The Most Important Component of Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting

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The most important component of commercial real estate agent prospecting is you getting it done! When you get your prospecting done under all circumstances no matter what, great things will begin happening for you in your commercial real estate brokerage business. You’ll begin locating more leads which will then lead to more transactions for you, and you’ll begin making more money. So make sure you’re scheduling your prospecting time in advance, and let nothing stand in the way of you getting it done. Once you begin doing this, I guarantee that within 90 days you’ll be absolutely thrilled with your...

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Here’s Brexit Explained in 90 Seconds by a British Comedian

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Sometimes we need comedians to set us straight and explain things to us in simple terms. With this in mind, here’s a funny 90-second video from a British comedian where he simplifies Brexit for his UK audience, and we can tell by their laughter how much his explanation really resonates with them:

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