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Determining the 3 Key Activities That Will Generate More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Income for You

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Developing great brokerage business for yourself often comes down to doing just several simple activities consistently. During this video I’ll help you determine the 3 key activities that will generate 65-80% of your brokerage income.  

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Take a Look at This Commercial Broker’s E-newsletters

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In knowing that both email and e-newsletters have now been around for so long, it’s still interesting for me to observe the relatively low number of commercial real estate brokers who are sending e-newsletters out to their clients and prospects on a regular basis…

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Take a Look at This Video from These Two Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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Something that I’ve been recommending for years that commercial real estate brokers should do, is to host a monthly or a quarterly video market update, keeping your clients and prospects informed on what’s going on within your territory…

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Could You Utilize a Transaction Coordinator in Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business?

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On the residential side of the real estate brokerage industry, there are people known as transaction coordinators who will work along with the agents on their sale transactions, and basically do most of the follow-up once the agreement to sell a home has been signed by both buyer and seller…

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How to Eliminate Fake Commercial Real Estate Sellers

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Here are two key questions to ask your sellers to determine whether they are for real, or whether they will be totally wasting your time.

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Here Are Some Tips to Help You to Make More Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Calls

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If you’ve been struggling to get your prospecting done, here’s a simple tip to help make sure that you’re making more calls…

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Take a Look at These Great Video Testimonials for a Top Commercial Real Estate Broker!

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Take a look at this testimonial video that Craig now has in his possession, that he can now show to people, which includes testimonials from Robert Kiyosaki, the Governor of Arizona, and other important leaders from within the commercial real estate industry, too…

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How to Get Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects to Respond Back to You

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Let’s say you’ve got a situation where one of your commercial real estate clients or prospects has told you that they have a commercial real estate need, but they’re not responding back to your messages when you’re following-up with them. An owner, for example, may have told you that they want to sell their building, or a prospect may have told you that they’re interested in buying a building and expanding their business into it.

So you’ve left voicemail messages for them and/or have sent them Emails in following up on this, and they still haven’t been responding back to you.

So when this happens, you can then send them an Email saying something very similar to…

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If You Need to Sue to Get Paid Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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When I was brand new in commercial real estate brokerage, the man who was my broker, a wonderful man named Al Rose, told me that if I ever needed to sue someone to collect a commercial real estate commission, to do everything that I could to settle the matter first, rather than go the entire distance through our court system. And of course, with me being the young broker without the decades of experience that Al had within our industry, I was convinced that justice would ultimately prevail within our legal system, and that I would be vindicated, if necessary, and receive my full commission in the end…

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How to Get Your Commercial Real Estate Buyer to Pay Your Commission

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Sometimes when you come across an off-the-market property as a commercial real estate broker, the seller will tell you that they’re interested in selling the property, but they’re not willing to pay you a commission. So in this situation, you’ll then want to ask the seller…

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