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Getting Your Buyers to Pay Today’s High Property Prices

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Keeping this in mind, if you get to a point in negotiations on a property where the buyer is hesitating about moving forward on the final bottom-line price that the seller is now willing to sell the property for, I’m going to give you a statement to utilize that may be helpful to you…

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Here’s an Important Question to Ask When Pursuing a Commercial Real Estate Listing

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Whenever you’re pursuing a commercial real estate listing, it’s important to understand whether or not you have a legitimate chance to even get the listing, or whether another broker or brokerage team will probably end up getting the listing, and you’re just being used to make your listing presentation…

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If the Offer Seems Too Good to Be True–It Probably Is!

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My wife and I were recently in Las Vegas, and we were approached by someone who asked us if we’d be interested in attending a timeshare presentation. I wasn’t really that interested in attending, but when we were told about the free bonuses we would receive for attending the presentation, my wife convinced me to go…

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Is It Time to Start Hosting Your Own Commercial Real Estate Podcast?

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As a broker you ideally need to give your clients and prospects a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors, but with so many brokers looking similar to each other and making similar listing presentations, how do you differentiate yourself from all the rest of the pack? One way can be to host your own commercial real estate podcast, where you’ll be giving your take on what’s going on within your market, and creating a bond with your clients and prospects as being the one broker who’s keeping them informed on important trends and subjects…

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How to Beat Your Competitors to Get the Commercial Real Estate Listing

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Scott LaMontagne of JLL has been a coaching client of mine, and he does a brilliant job of differentiating himself and standing out from all of the other brokers. While many brokers refuse to spend money on developing their own businesses, and continually refuse to do what will differentiate themselves and have them stand out from all of their competitors, Scott spends money, including having sent out more than 250,000 mailing pieces within a single year, and he knows how to make his entire team stand out from all of his competitors, too…

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How to Determine if an Owner is a Serious Seller

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Sometimes you’ll come across owners who will tell you that they don’t want to list their property, but then they’ll tell you, “Just bring me an offer.” So how do you know in these situations whether or not they’re really serious about selling?…

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How and When to Ask for Your Prospect’s E-mail Address

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In addition, a good approach to ask people for their E-mail address can be by saying something similar to the following…

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How to Get to the Real Commercial Real Estate Decision Maker

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Sometimes once you’ve identified a prospect, you may have concerns about whether the person you’re talking to is really the ultimate commercial real estate decision maker, or whether you need to really be talking to someone else instead. This can become a sensitive situation, as you don’t want to insult the person you’re already talking to, but at the same time, you really want to be talking to the ultimate person who will have the final say so on all commercial real estate decisions.

Keeping this in mind, a question you can utilize in this situation, when you’re talking to the person who you believe may not be the ultimate decision maker, is…

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The Most Important Component of Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting

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The most important component of commercial real estate agent prospecting is you getting it done! When you get your prospecting done under all circumstances no matter what, great things will begin happening for you in your commercial real estate brokerage business. You’ll begin locating more leads which will then lead to more transactions for you, and you’ll begin making more money. So make sure you’re scheduling your prospecting time in advance, and let nothing stand in the way of you getting it done. Once you begin doing this, I guarantee that within 90 days you’ll be absolutely thrilled with your...

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Have You Designed Your Game Plan for Success for the New Year?

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With the Holidays now behind us, you’ve got a small window of time right now to design your game plan for success for the New Year, if you haven’t already done so. Otherwise things are going to be heating up for you once again very quickly, getting you right back into your same old routine from 2019, if you don’t take the time to focus on making the necessary changes right now…

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