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What the Coronavirus Now Means to Your Commercial Real Estate Market

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The impact of the threat of the coronavirus has set a tone and a feeling within our nation that’s been unprecedented since 9/11. However, right after 9/11 we were still free to walk around, go to events, visit shopping malls, and go to restaurants. So in my opinion, the ongoing fear, and the restrictions now set upon us, along with our ongoing concerns around the coronavirus are impacting us even more severely…

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How to Become the True Champion for Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

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We’re living in a highly politically-charged environment right now, and this can create tremendous opportunity for you. There are politicians who will propose things that can be very irritating to commercial real estate property owners, and you can become their champion by keeping these people informed, and fighting for their cause…

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How to Get to the Real Commercial Real Estate Decision Maker

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Sometimes once you’ve identified a prospect, you may have concerns about whether the person you’re talking to is really the ultimate commercial real estate decision maker, or whether you need to really be talking to someone else instead. This can become a sensitive situation, as you don’t want to insult the person you’re already talking to, but at the same time, you really want to be talking to the ultimate person who will have the final say so on all commercial real estate decisions.

Keeping this in mind, a question you can utilize in this situation, when you’re talking to the person who you believe may not be the ultimate decision maker, is…

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Here’s a Source of New Business That Many Commercial Real Estate Agents Overlook

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One of the biggest mistakes that commercial real estate brokers make is dropping out all communication with their past clients once they’ve closed a transaction with them. Keeping this in mind, when you’ve been in the business for years, and you’ve closed a good number of transactions during that time, you may find that there are…

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Here’s the One Main Commercial Real Estate Activity to Make Sure You’re Getting Done in 2020

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Hopefully you’ve already set your goals for 2020 and have designed the game plan you’ll follow to achieve your success, but if I were to suggest one activity to accomplish that will greatly help to ensure your success, it would be to…

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Here’s the Funniest Commercial Real Estate Video I’ve Ever Seen!

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Check out this 13-minute video takeoff of the TV show “The Bachelor” that was filmed by Andrew Cheney, SIOR, CCIM, for the annual NAIOP Conference. But instead, in this version we see commercial real estate building owners all wooing a prospective tenant, trying to get the tenant to move into their own building. The owners get emotional, they hug it out, and they get excited whenever they are given a rose by the prospective tenant, indicating that their building has now moved onto the next stage of site selection. I’ve seen this 13-minute video several times now, and I laugh every time! Make sure you stick around for the great plot twist that we can all relate to right at the end!...

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How Commercial Real Estate Coaching Will Help You Explode Your Business

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During this two-minute video, I’ll tell you how you and I can begin working together so that you’ll begin making a ton of money.  

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How to Help Ensure That Your Email Gets Read

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In today’s world, with so many things constantly vying for our attention in our Inbox, it’s important that your Email gets both noticed and opened…

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Here’s a Good Inexpensive Gift to Give to Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects

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Giving gifts to the clients you’ve already closed transactions with can be a great way to show them your appreciation, and it helps you to begin taking your relationship with them to the next level, too. But what gift can you give to your prospects, the people who you’ve never even closed a transaction with before? If you give them a bottle of wine or a gift basket, this can make it feel like you’re trying to bribe them into working along with you on your first transaction together, so what kind of gift can you give them that would be appropriate in this particular situation?

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How to Get to the Correct Decision Maker When You’re Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

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When you’re not certain if you’re talking with the true, ultimate decision maker once you begin working with a new prospect, asking them this one question can greatly assist you in determining if you’re speaking with the right person.

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