The words you say to your clients and prospects will either direct them towards closing a transaction with you, or direct them away from doing so. So with this in mind, you need to be very careful of what you say to your people, because you can unconsciously be directing them away from your desired outcome.

One of the greatest examples of this is whenever a broker asks a client, “Do you see any problem with that?” Because you’re now directing your client to look for a problem, when they might not have even been thinking that a problem even exists.

If, for example, I told you to not think of a red car right now, what does your mind begin to do? It begins to identify what the red car is, and then oftentimes it will then get a picture of it. But then you might begin to think, “Oh wait, he told me not to think of a red car, so now I’ve got to get that out of my mind!”

Similarly, every word you utilize in commercial real estate carries specific meaning along with it, and some words will cause specific feelings and emotions to well-up within people. As another example of this, someone might be trying to tell another person that they are trustworthy, and they might say, “I’m not one of those shysters. I’m not someone who will stick the knife in your back and bleed you dry for every single dime you’ve got at the very first opportunity.”

Now granted, that was an easy example to see how unwise saying something like this could be, as you probably began to experience the negative feelings associated with those words.

What you’d instead want to say is something more similar to, “I just want to make sure you understand that honesty and integrity are extremely important to me, and that serving your best interests at all times will always be my number one priority.”

So make sure you choose your words wisely with your clients and prospects, because your choice of words will either move your people towards closing a transaction with you, or repel them away from doing so.