In today’s world, with so many things constantly vying for our attention in our Inbox, it’s important that your Email gets both noticed and opened. With this in mind, I see so many brokers utilizing boring subject lines, or putting something like “Bill Robinson’s E-newsletter” in their subject line. So while Bill may believe that the mere mention of his name will inspire people to want to read what’s in his Email, oftentimes that’s really not the case.

The subject line is the most important component in your outgoing Email, because when people are scanning their Email, as we all do, the subject line can determine whether or not the recipient will even want to read your Email. The exceptions to this of course can include when the person has a close relationship with the sender of the Email, or when they’re currently working on a transaction with them, as in these situations you will definitely want to open up and read what the person has sent you.

But in the case of sending out your own E-newsletter, for example, instead of just mentioning your name and that it’s your E-newsletter in the subject line, mention something instead like, “This Is Where Our Commercial Real Estate Market is Now Headed”, or “Here’s a Commercial Property Sale Price That Will Stun You!”

Your principals who you’re sending both your E-newsletter and your Emails to always want to know where the real estate market is now headed, and they want to know what a new comparable sale price may now mean to the value of their own property, too.

So recognize that the subject line is so vitally important in determining whether or not your Email will get read, and then develop subject lines with sizzle that will answer the question, “What’s really in it for me if I read this Email?”