Who is the best commercial real estate coach?

Jim Gillespie is the founder and creator of coaching for the commercial real estate industry. He has many testimonials from very satisfied clients, and he teaches commercial real estate agents how to stand out as the best choice their clients and prospects could ever make in a commercial agent.

What do real estate coaches do?

Real estate coaches teach agents how to design and work a game plan in brokerage that will maximize their income, and even more importantly, the coaches hold the agents accountable to make sure that the agents implement the game plan.

What is a real estate productivity coach?

A real estate productivity coach is someone who facilitates a program primarily for new agents in the business, to teach them the proper skill sets and activities that will lead to them having a successful career as an agent.

How much do top commercial real estate agents make?

The top commercial real estate agents make more than $1,000,000.00 a year, with some even making more than $2,000,000.00 a year.

What is commercial real estate training?

Commercial real estate training primarily refers to the training of commercial real estate agents, or training people to teach them how to become successful commercial real estate investors.

What degree is best for commercial real estate?

Business degrees are the ones best suited for commercial real estate, such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Real Estate degrees, because you will frequently be dealing with both numbers and financial calculations throughout your career.

How do I become a commercial property agent?

You will need a real estate license within the state you live in to become a commercial property agent, then once you are licensed, you will then want to interview with commercial real estate brokerage companies to get hired.

What are the fundamentals of commercial real estate?

The fundamentals of commercial real estate involve understanding the different types of building construction, understanding the value of properties, and understanding how to calculate the value to know whether or not a property will be a good investment.

How can I do real estate training?

If you want to become an agent, the first step will be to get your real estate license, then contact real estate brokerage companies to find out what kind of training they will provide for you. But if you want to become an investor, search online for people who have courses and programs designed to teach you how to become a successful investor.