The teleconference will begin on Wednesday, March 8th, in the evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

To join the teleconference, you don’t need a computer or a video screen. You just need your telephone.

To access the teleconference, please utilize the following telephone number and conference ID:


Phone number: (425) 440-5010

Conference ID: 109439#


Here’s what you’ll be learning during this teleconference:

* The most important component in determining your commercial real estate brokerage success

* How to stand out from your competitors so you beat them and get more listings

* One simple question to ask while prospecting that will double your prospecting results overnight!

* What the best contact management software programs are for commercial real estate brokers

* How to differentiate yourself from your competitors, so you stand out as the best broker your people would ever want to do business with

* The most outrageous, out of the box commercial real estate agent marketing technique ever!

* How to leave voicemail messages that compel your prospects to call you back

* How to get constant repeat business from your clients

Thank you for enrolling in my teleconference, and I look forward to having you join me!