When you’re doing your commercial real estate prospecting, the sound of your voice is oftentimes the very first thing that people will ever experience when they’re interacting with you, as long as they’ve never met you before. So with this in mind, the sound of your voice is the very first thing that will oftentimes then have your prospect feel whether they are in rapport with you…or not.

With this in mind, the more that you match the speed and the tone of your own voice with the person who is on the other end of the phone, the more they are going to feel that you are someone just like them.

So think about this for a moment…have you ever been listening to someone, and this could even have been an actor on TV or in a movie, where the sound of their voice bothered you? Or, at the minimum, and this may even have been in a live conversation with someone, the person you were talking with talked much slower or faster than you did, or they had a deeper, or a higher-pitched voice?

You were probably aware of the difference between the two of you, and you may have even experienced the feeling of, “I am definitely different than this person.”

This is the kind of feeling that can happen unconsciously in communications between individuals, and when you’re prospecting your people, this can then cause them to begin feeling that maybe you’re just not the right broker for them.

So keep this in mind whenever you’re on the telephone with your people, because commercial real estate principals oftentimes want to work with brokers who they believe are similar to themselves, and who are both professional and knowledgeable, while also being someone who they can depend on to help them to make the right decisions for themselves.