There’s a company called Landing that’s now implemented a new idea that I believe is perfect for where our working world now seems to be headed. Since more and more people will be working remotely, Landing now owns fully-furnished apartments in 20 major U.S. cities, and for a membership fee of just $199.00 a year, you can freely move about the country to live in an apartment in any one of these cities by giving 30-days’ advance notice of your intention to do so.

So now suddenly instead of living in a fixed location for many years, you can combine vacation time with your work time by living in any of these cities for maybe three months to even a year or more, and really get to experience what it’s like to live within any of these cities.

As of right now, some of these 20 cities include New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Nashville, Austin, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Orlando, but the plan over time is to add even more locations in additional cities.

So this completely takes care of the problem of moving all of your furniture to a new location, and it makes being able to move into a different building in a different city very easy for you. In addition, you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of the accommodations, too.

With this in mind, imagine if you’re a skier, you could live close to a ski resort during ski season, enjoy the sunshine in Florida during another time of the year, check out all of the shows that will be coming to New York or to Las Vegas for a while, and then live wherever your favorite sports team is located, too, so that you can attend all of their home games during their regular season.

In addition, you can decide to visit or live near your family and friends whenever you’d like to also.

As more and more locations will then be added over the years, you’ll have even more options, and maybe even have options for living outside of the country, too.

But of course, this type of living is really geared towards a specific kind of individual, and one who doesn’t need to drive to and report into an office Monday through Friday.

So for more information on this, you can visit the company’s website located at