I’m continually amazed at the number of veteran brokers within our industry, who have client and prospect databases for their territory that still have a lot of holes and missing information in them. With this in mind, understand that for every missing prospect in your database, that is someone who you basically can’t do business with, but if your competitors have them in their own databases, your competitors will now be able to do business with them.

So this is not a situation that you’ll want to find yourself in.

But the question then becomes, “If you’re in this situation, and you’d like to find a way to fill in the holes in your database, how do you go about doing this?”

Ideally you’ll want to find someone who is already an expert at doing this kind of work who can help you, but if you don’t already know someone like this, or you don’t already know another broker who can refer you to someone like this, let me make a suggestion…

Consider visiting the website Upwork.com, where you can search for people who are experts at doing this kind of work, and you can even post the details of the job that you’ll want someone to perform for you, and then have experts competitively bid against each other to do the work.

In addition, you can review the resumes of these experts, and see the ratings and comments from other people who have already hired these experts to do work for them.

So if you’re a broker with holes or missing contacts and information in your database, isn’t it time to take a solid look at now getting your database into great shape?

Go to Upwork.com, or as an alternative, you can visit Fiverr.com, and search there under terms like “commercial real estate database expert”, “real estate database expert”, or “commercial real estate list building”, to see the kinds of individuals who are available to work for you there, and the kind of work that they’ve already been doing for others, along with their pricing.


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