With the current pandemic situation, many commercial real estate brokers have gotten off track from making their prospecting calls, and understandably so. So with this in mind, how many prospecting calls have you been making lately? Because we both know that the number of calls that you’re making will determine the amount of business you’ll be closing in the future.

With this in mind, if you’ve gotten off track from making your calls, do you believe that you should be making maybe 20 calls a day right now? If not, how about making 10 calls a day, or if you’ve really gotten off track, how about beginning with getting just five prospecting calls a day done, for a total of just 25 calls per week?

Every single broker has the ability to pick up the phone and make five outbound prospecting calls a day, and if you haven’t even been getting this number of calls done, this could really be a good place to begin for you.

Whatever number of prospecting calls you’ve been making lately, determine the number of calls you should be making, and in starting out, this could be a number that’s somewhere between the number you’ve been making recently, and your ultimate, ideal goal.

Because getting back on the horse and making some progress is what’s most important right now, and you just never know when that one extra phone call will produce a solid new lead for you.