We’re living in a highly politically-charged environment right now, and this can create tremendous opportunity for you. There are politicians who will propose things that can be very irritating to commercial real estate property owners, and you can become their champion by keeping these owners informed, and fighting for their cause.

Here in California, for example, there will be a state proposition on the upcoming November ballot that will strip away the protection from commercial property owners, of having to face higher property taxes on their properties. This has become quite a hot topic of discussion here, and whether it’s this specific proposition, or another politically-charged subject within your own state that will impact your commercial real estate clients, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to jump in and fight for protecting your clients, while keeping them informed about what they need to know on the subject.

With respect to this upcoming November proposition here in California, and others like it, for example, a commercial broker can mail to their clients and prospects, create blog posts, record videos, host live events, and interview top real estate experts in the area, getting their opinions on the subject, and then forwarding this information onto the broker’s clients and prospects. This will help to create a bond with your people, making them feel that you’re one of them, and that you’re fighting alongside them for this very important cause.

This is much more powerful, and it will help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, who will oftentimes just be saying something like, “Can I call you again in four months?” to their owners.

So determine what these causes and political propositions are in your area, or even nationally, and these will be causes that get your owners angry. Because the angrier they get about the idea of something occurring, the more they will stick like glue to you when you are the champion who is fighting for their cause, right alongside them, and keeping them informed from the trenches on everything they need to know about it.