How to Get More of Your Commercial Real Estate Prospects’ E-mail Addresses

By on Mar 15, 2022

If getting more of your prospects’ E-mail addresses is something that you’d like to do, here’s a simple question to ask them that will definitely help you in doing this. Whenever you’re getting towards the end of your prospecting call with someone, say to them, “I send out an E-newsletter keeping owners like you informed on the important trends impacting the value of your property. Is this something that you’d like to begin receiving from me?”

Then when you ask an owner for their E-mail address like this, you’re now maximizing the probability that they’ll want to give it to you, because most owners will want to stay informed on the important trends impacting the value of their property. However, if instead you had simply asked them, “Can I get your E-mail address?”, they’d be less likely to give it to you, because you haven’t made it clear what you intend to do with their E-mail address, and they’ll have visions of you sending them tons of stuff that they’ll have no interest whatsoever in receiving from you.

So if you begin asking the question that I’ve recommended during all of your prospecting calls, whenever you don’t already have the person’s E-mail address, you’ll begin building a much more solid database of the E-mail addresses for the people you’ll want to be doing business with, and by the time you get six to twelve months down the road, you’ll be thrilled with the progress that you’ve made within this arena!

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