Once you’ve identified an owner whose property you will want to be listing, it’s your presentation skills that will determine whether they’ll be listing their property with you, or whether they’ll be listing it with one of your competitors instead of you. Keeping this in mind, brokers can sometimes get too “pitchy” in their presentation style, and sound like an old blue suede shoes salesperson, projecting themselves in a very strong and assertive manner, and trying to hard-sell the owner into working with them. So as I’m talking to you about this, a good gut check for you right now would be to ask yourself, “If someone were selling to me in the same manner that I’m currently selling to my clients and prospects, would I be sold on doing business with them?” Because in reality, most of us would have a tough time coming up with five salespeople who have tried to sell us products and services over the years, who we would be absolutely thrilled to refer to our friends and business associates.

That’s how bad people’s experience with salespeople has been over the years, and we definitely don’t want to become one of “those kinds of salespeople.”

So with this in mind, I’m giving you a link here to watch an interview with commercial real estate broker Neil Dailey, SIOR, in which he is surrounded by commercial real estate investors, and giving his take on both brokerage, and on investing in commercial properties. His style here is so relaxed, confident, and at ease, and he projects himself as being the consummate commercial real estate professional. This is the vibe that you want to be projecting to your people, instead of revving yourself up, and sounding like a salesperson to them.

While many brokers have been having a challenging time during COVID-19, it’s no surprise that Neil just experienced his most successful year ever in the business, as his presentation style is one that will have many people wanting to work with him.

Click here to see the interview.