A coaching client of mine came up with an interesting and creative way to find an assistant to help him in his commercial real estate brokerage business. He realized that a competitor of his had experienced a number of assistants coming and going over the years, and he also knew that the competitor didn’t have the greatest reputation for how he treated people. So my client then went on LinkedIn and searched for former employees of his competitor, by typing in the name of his competitor’s team into the LinkedIn search window.

So for example, let’s say that the name of the competitor’s team was “The John Mariani Team”, so my client then typed this into the search window, and then names appeared of people who had posted that team name on LinkedIn, as being one of the previous places where they had been working.

Then my coaching client began contacting these people, because he knew that they had direct experience in working for a commercial real estate brokerage team, and now he’s located someone who is willing to assist him in his own brokerage business.

With this in mind, this can be a good way to find assistants who already have commercial real estate brokerage experience, and even if they’re now employed somewhere else, and are currently not working for another brokerage team, they may be willing to work for you on a part-time basis, even if they need to do this outside of normal business hours.

In addition, you could even type the names of commercial real estate brokerage companies into the LinkedIn search window, to locate people who have already worked in a commercial real estate support capacity, because ideally you’d like to have someone with commercial real estate brokerage experience and know-how as your assistant, instead of needing to train someone from scratch.