In knowing that both email and e-newsletters have been around for so long, it’s still interesting for me to observe the relatively low number of commercial real estate brokers who are sending e-newsletters out to their clients and prospects on a regular basis. I began my own e-newsletter back in 2001, so I’ve now been sending this e-newsletter out to commercial brokers for more than 20 years now.

With this in mind, it’s not just about sending any e-newsletter out to your people, it’s about sending one that rivets their attention, shows them that you are a truly knowledgeable professional, and ideally brands you within their minds as a commercial broker who they should really be working with on their next transaction. In addition, you need to understand how to write subject lines in your email that will grab people’s attention, and get them to want to begin reading the very first sentence of your e-newsletter.

My coaching client Ted Wood is one of the best commercial brokers I’ve seen at doing this. I’ve coached him on how to develop more compelling subject lines, and he’s done a solid job of learning exactly how to do this. But even before we began working together, Ted understood the types of topics his commercial real estate clients and prospects really wanted to hear about, and how to best present this information to them.

So click here to see a list of the recent e-newsletters that Ted has written and sent out to his people, take a look at them, and then read some of them.

When you do, I believe you’ll agree that both the subjects that he’s chosen to write on, and the way that he presents his information, will catch the attention of many of his clients and prospects, and get them to believe that he’s a solid commercial real estate broker who they really should be working with.