One of the challenges that small-to-midsize brokerage companies oftentimes face is creating marketing and listing presentation packages that can rival those of their biggest competitors. The largest brokerage companies will oftentimes have software for doing this already in place for their commercial real estate brokers, thereby making it easy for them to create solid, impressive presentations.

So what do you do then if you’re a broker working for a company that doesn’t already have this kind of presentation software available for you? Well, one solid option now is to take advantage of the software known as the Commercial Real Estate Online Publisher, which can be seen at

This publishing software produces stunning presentation packages, flyers, offering memorandums, and property websites, and it enables you to have “deal rooms” for your listings, where you can upload detailed information about your listings, and then have people sign non-disclosure agreements in order to access this private information.

This software is so good, that even brokers from some of the largest brokerage companies are utilizing it, too, instead of, or in addition to, the presentation software that their own brokerage companies are already providing for them.

With this in mind, what I recommend you do when you visit their website is to click on the “Examples” link near the top of the home page, to immediately begin seeing some of the stunning examples of presentation packages that they have available for office, industrial, retail, multifamily, and other types of commercial properties, too.

The price for an annual subscription to their service, in my opinion, is very reasonable, and if you like what you see when you visit their website, I highly recommend that you schedule a demo of the product with them.

Once again, I recommend that you visit