For years I’ve been talking to brokers about doing things like recording videos, podcasts, and sending out postcards to your clients and prospects. But so many brokers don’t recognize the tremendous value in doing this, as you’ll continually be branding yourself within people’s minds as the one broker they should be working with on their next transaction.

But here’s something simple you can do that will help to brand yourself in people’s minds, have them see you as the market leader, and have them appreciate the valuable information that you’ll be providing to them:

Once a quarter, you can interview a top economic expert in your area and record the conversation, and have them talk about the trends that they’ve been observing, and most importantly, where they see your local economy headed within the coming months. In addition, during your interview with the person, you can mention what you’ve been observing in your own commercial real estate market, too, and tell everyone where you see that your market is now headed.

In addition to this, as another alternative, you could record these interviews on Zoom instead if you’d prefer to, and this way your people will now see you talking to them face-to-face, much like a network news anchor delivering important news to them.

Everyone wants to hear from the person who has the crystal ball, predicting the future, and you’ll now be bringing this to your people every single quarter.

So every time you do a new interview, and you’ll want these interviews to be about 10 to 30 minutes in length, you can then send out the link to the new interview to everyone by email, telling them about your latest interview, and inviting them to listen to it.

In addition, when you’re doing your prospecting, as you’re getting towards the end of your conversations, you could say, “I’ve recently recorded an interview with economist Robert Jensen, discussing where our economy and our commercial real estate market will be headed within the coming months, so is this something you’d definitely like to receive from me?”

Most business and property owners want to know what’s been going on, what the current market trends are, and where both the economy and the real estate market will be headed, and you’re now stepping into the position of being the person to provide this for them. So over time, as they listen to you over and over again, providing them with this valuable information, you’ll be branding yourself more solidly within their minds as being the broker they’ll want to work with on their next transaction.

This is really easy for you to do, you’ll get into a rhythm and have a good feeling for doing it soon after you’ve done just a couple of interviews, and if you need a simple and free way to record your interviews, you can do this at In addition, if you choose your interview guest wisely, that person may have a solid email list of their own that they can send your interviews out to also, getting the two of you much greater exposure for every single interview that you record together.