Leave it to a solid, amazing, top-producing broker like Craig Coppola, SIOR, CCIM, CRE, to create a new software program for commercial real estate brokers named CREOneSource. This program helps brokers to track all of their deals that are currently in progress, and it helps to facilitate the ongoing communication between all parties to the transaction, the timely meeting of all of the deadlines, and the transmission of important documents for the deal, too.

I’ve now taken a demo of this product, and if you would like to do a better job of tracking, organizing, and following-up on all your deals that are currently in progress, I definitely recommend that you schedule a demonstration of this product. You can visit their website at CREOneSource.com, and when you’re ready to take your demo, contact Craig Coppola’s son Charlie at charlie.coppola@creonesource.com, and Charlie will do a great job of showing you all of the features that this program has to offer you. In addition, as a free special bonus for taking the demo, I’ve arranged for Charlie to give you the MP3 recording from a 90-minute audio interview that I did with his dad, Craig Coppola, one of the ultimate, premier commercial brokers here in all of the U.S., and the title of the interview is “Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusive Listings.”