Something that’s great about being a commercial real estate broker, is that your competitors normally don’t do much to stand out from the competition. They rely primarily on prospecting and on their grit and determination, and oftentimes they don’t embrace doing things like marketing, and utilizing today’s technology to stand out from their competitors.

With this in mind, something that I recommend you consider doing is hosting a Zoom event in January, where you’ll tell your clients and prospects what you are forecasting within your territory for the upcoming year in 2022. You can also summarize what happened in 2021, but your people are crying out for someone to tell them what they expect to see happen in the coming year within your territory.

In addition, you could have someone on the Zoom meeting along with you, someone like an economic forecast expert, or a top real estate investor or developer, who your clients and prospects would really like to hear from.

Now in terms of positioning yourself within the minds of your clients and prospects as being their market leader, who but the top market leader would be hosting this kind of an event? The idea of hosting an event like this one is out there just waiting to be claimed by someone like you, so how about if you stand up, and now stake your claim to it? You can host the event for free on Zoom, get the recording of it, and then send the link to watch the recording out to every single client and prospect whose email address you have. In addition, if you choose your interview guest or guests wisely, if they have a large database of email addresses themselves, they can then send the recording out to everyone who they know, too, getting every person who is involved in delivering this event great publicity.

In addition to this, consider hosting a mid-year Zoom market forecast event, too, where you’ll summarize what’s happened during the first six months of the year, and predict what will now be happening during the remainder of the year.

Everyone wants to hear from the person who has the crystal ball, telling them what to expect to be coming their way in the future, and you can now be the person to claim this position within your very own commercial real estate market.