With Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season now having arrived, I thought this would be the perfect time to write an article about a commercial real estate broker who I believe is truly doing something outstanding within our world. Every three months, Sean Ward of CBRE, together with his wife Jessica, host a wonderful event for the homeless people in their area.

And in quoting Sean on this:

“The premise is simple. Invite our neighbors experiencing homelessness to our home for a five-course meal, live music, and great conversation.

When we started doing this seven years ago, this was the bar that was set: It needed to be as beautiful as if it was our daughter’s wedding, and they always are.”

In addition, Sean and Jessica now plan on increasing the frequency with which they’re hosting these events, from once every three months, to once every two months, beginning in 2023.

I believe that this is a tremendous, truly wonderful, heartfelt activity that both Sean and Jessica have been hosting for seven years now within their community, and here is a photo of the table that was set for the most recent hosting of this event at their home: