Now that we’re getting into the Holiday Season, we’re transitioning into a kind of broker time warp. Nothing is as it seems, time feels like it’s beginning to slow down, and our world seems to be transitioning into slow motion…

You have now entered, The Broker Twilight Zone.

As the days begin moving closer to Christmas, while you’re making your prospecting calls you may begin hearing more people say, “Call me after the first of the year.”

But this can feel frustrating to you, because after all, you’re a broker, and you really want to find opportunities now!

So in many ways, one of your goals may now be to line up as many people to call after the first of the year that you can.

You still want to find people who would like to take action this year when you can find them, but we need to be realistic about how many of these people we’re going to find during the month of December.

With this in mind, here are some recommendations:

  1. Schedule your prospecting time in advance for December, taking into consideration the transition that we will all be experiencing
  2. Be happy for any good leads that you find, even if they tell you to contact them after the first of the year
  3. The nature of our brokerage business is usually to feel it slowing down the deeper we get into December, so understand this, work within the paradigm, and schedule some time off for yourself, because you’ve probably earned it!

In addition, the month of December is a great time to take inventory of what you’ve accomplished this year, including setting your goals for the New Year, and designing your game plan to accomplish those goals.

Because there’s nothing quite like coming into the New Year with goals that you are excited about achieving, together with having the confidence and the game plan that you’re convinced will get you there!