With so much having changed within both our economy and the financing market, do you think it would be a good idea for you to begin calling owners who have properties with loans coming due? Because with rising interest rates, and owners sometimes being told that they won’t be able to refinance the full amount of the current loan on their property, some of these owners will be selling.

Keeping this in mind, I recently was given a demo of the Crexi software program, and they showed me an interesting feature within the program. They showed me how you can lookup a specific geographical area, and their software will then show you the loans that are coming due on buildings within that area, together with the ownership information, and in many situations, the owner’s phone number and email address, too.

So if you believe that targeting owners with loans coming due with your prospecting calls would be a good idea, either take a demo with Crexi to learn more about this feature, or find out if any of the other services your company is currently subscribed to have a similar feature, and then begin using it.