Whenever you’re going after a listing, recognize that the following question is continually bouncing around within your owner’s mind:

“How do I know you’re the one broker who will move my property at the price that I’ll be thrilled with, within the shortest period of time?”

Because when you think about it, this is definitely what an owner wants…right? They want the highest price they can get, and they want it as fast as they can get it.

What I’m about to discuss here will likely apply better to entrepreneurial owners, who can make any decision they want to at any moment in time, as compared to the more corporate form of owners, who may have already decided who will be getting the listing, before you even make your listing presentation.

So when you’re building your relationship with your owner, all the way up through asking them for the listing, you need to be communicating through your words, your actions, and within the feeling that you convey to them, that you and/or your team are the ones who will move their property at the price they’ll be thrilled with.

In addition, pay close attention to everything that you tell an owner you will be doing for them when you’re going to be marketing their property, when attempting to find the person or the company who will pay them the highest price. Because most brokers will mention maybe 3-9 marketing activities that they will be doing to market an owner’s property, but what if you instead mention 21 different activities that you will be focused on to move their property? Doesn’t it seem like an owner would be more impressed with a presentation that describes 21 different activities that the broker will be doing to market their property, when compared to another broker’s presentation, mentioning just 7 activities?

With this in mind, years ago I was shown a list of more than 170 activities that a residential agent tells her owners she will be doing for them, once they list their home for sale with her. Now imagine how an owner will feel about an agent showing them this many activities that the agent will be engaged in when marketing the home, as compared to the majority of the other competitor agents showing them less than 15 activities. Apples-to-apples, this will usually have an owner feeling that the one agent is a real marketing dynamo, while all of the other agents are just normal agents.

So, for example, when you do something as simple as listing all of the online websites where you will be showcasing your owner’s property, mention each one individually, and describe what it is, and why it is important. This will feel much more significant than just quickly mentioning the names of these services alone.

In addition, describe in detail what you will be doing with respect to mailing and emailing to your ideal prospects, and to the brokers, too, and mention how frequently you will be doing this.

Show up to the listing presentation with postcards already printed to market the property, along with showing the owner your marketing website for the property, too. (But this website won’t be live yet on the internet.)

There are services that brokers can subscribe to where they can easily set up these kinds of property marketing websites.

In addition, show the owner a marketing video you’ve recorded for marketing another listing, and tell them that you want to do the same for their own property also. And if you’ve never done a marketing video before, describe the one that that you intend to create for them.

The fact is that few brokers will ever do this, and yet from an owner’s perspective, this will show them that you’re serious about marketing their property…and they definitely want to hire the broker who is serious about marketing their property.

But if you’re like many brokers, your listing presentation may have become rather stale and boring over the years, and it may seem very similar to the presentations of the other brokers who you’ll be competing against for the listing.

In addition, try combining different visual methods for your presentation…like utilizing a flat screen monitor, as well as printed material, and including showing them information on an iPad, and on a tripod, potentially even with a flip chart on it, because this can make it feel like it’s a more dynamic, engaging presentation.

And along with this, if you have a team, have each member of the team own and deliver their own individual segment of the listing presentation, because this will feel much more powerful to the owner, and make them feel like they have an entire team of fully capable agents working for them that they can count on, instead of feeling like there’s only one fully capable team leader, while all of the other team members just sit there silently during the presentation.

Always remember that you are continually being compared to and evaluated with respect to your competition, so when you stand out through your presentations as the best choice they could ever make in a broker, you will then continually win more listings.