With the commercial real estate market now having transitioned in many areas, and with so many owners and principals not being as enthusiastic today as they once were about buying and selling, it’s very, very important for you to now optimize the state of mind that you’re continually living in as a broker. Because while you were likely generating more leads for every 100 prospecting calls that you were making maybe 1-2 years ago as compared with right now, you still need to maintain that great state of mind when prospecting today, because doing that prospecting will still lead to you maximizing your results within today’s market.

Keeping this in mind, it can be frustrating today making calls and now having a lot fewer people being interested in buying, selling, and leasing, and when you’re experiencing this, it can cause you to lose your desire to pickup the phone and call people. But you need to find a way to rise above this, and maximize living in the ideal, confident state of mind, because your income and your success in moving forward will depend on this.

With this in mind, what I recommend you do is focus on continually living in the state of mind that you’re just about to uncover another great new lead, that will lead to you closing another great transaction. When you do this, it will enable you to pickup the phone and call the next person with more enthusiasm and excitement, leading to you performing even better during your calls, and this will then have you continually maximizing the number of prospecting calls that you’re making, which will then maximize your income.

Don’t let the “Woe is me” thoughts sink into your mind when you compare how hot the market used to be, with how it is today, as this kind of thinking can just destroy you.

But when you do everything you can to live in the positive state of mind of expecting to find a great new lead, that will lead to you closing another great new transaction, you’ll both maximize how good you’re feeling in the moment, and you’ll maximize your income within your own brokerage business today, too.