Since the year 2002 I’ve been recommending that commercial real estate agents should be hiring virtual assistants, especially when what you need done doesn’t require hiring someone full time.

Virtual assistants can do many activities for you, including putting together and assembling your ideal database, doing accounting, marketing, cold calling, putting together presentation packages, handling social media, designing and implementing email marketing campaigns, along with doing printed mailing campaigns, graphic design, copywriting, and screening and responding to your email.

With this in mind, I’m going to give you a list of people on the website located at, who have been doing real estate virtual assistant work for others. The good news about a site like Upwork, is that you get to read about the work that these virtual assistants have already been doing for others, and then read the ratings and testimonials from the clients, telling you exactly what their experience was like when working with the virtual assistant.

So with this in mind, click here to see the list of these real estate virtual assistants who are available on Upwork, and hopefully you will find one or more people who will be able to do good work for you.


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