The commercial real estate brokerage business can sometimes feel like it’s a week-to week business. When Monday rolls around, it’s the beginning of the new work week, along with the new challenges, and oftentimes this can accompany the feeling of being excited about what you can now accomplish within the coming work week.

With this in mind, along with any additional goal setting that you may have already done for the entire calendar year, it can be very helpful to begin every Monday with a list of goals that you’ll now want to accomplish by the end of the week. Because when you’re in the middle of working in your business throughout the week, it can feel like there are so many interruptions that keep coming right at you, continually working to take you off track from doing what you know you need to be focused on. But when you’ve got your list of goals for you to focus on during the week, this can really help to keep you focused, centered, and on track.

So with this in mind, when you’re planning your goals for the new week, think in terms of what you will want to have accomplished by the end of the week, in order to believe and feel that you’ve had a productive, successful week. This list of goals can include how much prospecting you’ll want to get done, what you will be doing for marketing and publicity within your business, important appointments that you’ll want to schedule and attend with people, what you’ll want to accomplish with specific listings, offers, or transactions that are currently in progress, and basically anything that you feel is important for you to move your business forward to the next level.

In addition, if you have previously set your goals for the entire year, and have determined the game plan for you to follow to achieve those goals, you’ll ideally want this weekly set of goals to be in alignment with achieving your overall goals for the entire year.

With so many distractions continually coming at us as commercial brokers, trying to take us off track from what we really want to accomplish, it can be very helpful to have this weekly list of goals to follow, and to glance at during every single day of the week, to make sure that we are still focused and on track, and are doing what’s truly important and in alignment with having us achieve all of our overall goals for the entire year.