Social media is something that can have a lot of commercial real estate brokers scratching their heads. As an example, how important is social media overall for your commercial real estate brokerage success? In addition to this, what do you need to do to become even more visible, and make even more of an impact with your social media presence, within the minds of your clients and prospects?

With this being said, Tom Antion is someone who has been coaching and training people on internet marketing since the 1990s, and he’s both made millions of dollars from doing this, and he’s made millions of dollars from investing in real estate, too.

In addition, he’s the real deal, and he’s a great guy.

So in keeping this in mind, he’s published a free 16-minute podcast on important things you’ll want to know, to maximize your effectiveness on social media.

For example, I had no idea that having a great number of followers on social media can actually hurt your visibility on the different social media platforms, and Tom gets into detail in telling us exactly why this is true. In addition, he tells us how often you should be posting to get better results, and he tells us important keys that the social media platforms are looking for, in order to give your posts the maximum exposure to the greatest number of people who are active on these platforms.

So if this is a subject that interests you, click here to listen to Tom’s 16-minute podcast.