Recently I had a call with a coaching client, who told me there was a man she wanted to set an initial appointment with, who was very busy, very successful, and he owned 25 shopping centers. So she asked me for some ideas on how to approach him for an appointment, to maximize the probability that he would accept her invitation.

So I told my client, “The probability that he will agree to meet with you will increase, the better that you can answer the question, ‘What’s in it for him if he agrees to take your meeting?'”

Because so many brokers stay focused on the idea that they need to meet with the prospect because it’s good for them as the broker, and this is the kind of attitude that can really tick people off.

So I told my coaching client to then say something like this to her prospect, if he asked her why he should agree to take the meeting:

“You own approximately 25 shopping centers, and you want to expand your portfolio, buy more great investments, and increase your net worth and your net income, don’t you?”

“The reason I want to meet with you is to better understand exactly what you are looking for, so that I can find those great investment opportunities, submit them to you, and have you be thrilled with purchasing them, so that you’ll then grow your portfolio, and increase your net worth and your net income, through working with me.”

Then my coaching client emailed me later on in the day, and told me that she had successfully scheduled an appointment with the prospect.