You may have noticed that the company Buildout has been making a strong impact within our industry. In recent times they’ve purchased REThinkCRM, Apto, and Prospect Now, and they’ve been developing more tools that can be very helpful to commercial real estate brokers.

Keeping this in mind, I recently participated in a webinar that Buildout hosted, where they showed features and tools that commercial real estate brokers can utilize within their system, and when mentioning these tools to some of my coaching clients who are subscribed to the Buildout service, these clients have told me that they did not even know that they could do these things within Buildout’s program.

So with this in mind, I’m going to give you a link here to watch this 30-minute webinar in case you’re interested, where you’ll see how you can create offering memorandums, broker opinions of value, and see how you can set up property marketing websites to show your owners during your listing presentations, so that your owners will see that you are fully ready to market their properties, the moment that they give you the listing.

Click here to see this 30-minute presentation.