Something that’s important to understand when making listing presentations is that you’re constantly being compared to your competitors, so you need to clearly stand out as the best choice your owners could ever make in a commercial real estate agent. With this in mind, utilizing testimonials in your presentation packages from people you’ve already successfully closed transactions with can definitely help you stand out, because people are used to hearing salespeople talk about how great they are, and why they are definitely the best. But reading 10-40 testimonials from your past clients, discussing how great their experience was in working with you, can get your owners to believe that they’ll have this exact same kind of experience with you when they hire you to list and market their property.

In addition, most of your competitors will probably not have testimonials within their presentation packages, so as long as you’re in the running to potentially get the listing, having these testimonials can help you to become the one agent who successfully will get the listing.

But even if your competitors do have some testimonials, having more of them is better, so make it a point to begin gathering testimonials from your people, and you can begin contacting some of your past clients to once again reconnect with them, find out if they have any current needs, and then ask them for the testimonial.

Whenever you’re in the running along with one or more of your competitors to potentially get the listing, having tens of testimonials in your presentation package can help to make the difference, as these clients have been willing to publicly go on record about their experience in working with you, and this can carry a ton of weight with the owner who is sitting down and reading these testimonials.