Let’s say you’ve got a situation where one of your commercial real estate clients or prospects has told you that they have a commercial real estate need, but they’re not responding back to your messages when you’re following-up with them. An owner, for example, may have told you that they want to sell their building, or a prospect may have told you that they’re interested in buying a building and expanding their business into it.

So you’ve left voicemail messages for them and/or have sent them Emails in following up on this, and they still haven’t been responding back to you.

So when this happens, you can then send them an Email saying something very similar to, “Have you now given up on finding that ideal building to expand your business into?” Or if you’re following up with an owner, you could send them an Email saying, “Have you now given up on cashing out and selling your building at today’s high prices?”

This can be very powerful, because many people hate to think of themselves as being quitters, and an Email like this can suddenly get them to respond back to you. You’ve now hit a nerve within them, and they’ll oftentimes then feel the need to confirm with you that they’re not a quitter, and that they still intend to move forward.

Bringing all of this together, when I’ve sent similar Emails to people, I’ve found that it finally gets them to respond back to me approximately 65-70% of the time. So give this a shot, and send Emails like the ones I’ve described to you, and then observe how this approach will then work for getting even more of your clients and prospects to begin responding back to you.