If you’ve been struggling to get your prospecting done, here’s a simple tip to help make sure that you’re making more calls. If you’re making close to zero prospecting calls per week, just make five outbound prospecting calls every single day, the first thing in the morning. Everyone has time to make just five prospecting calls per day, and when you do this consistently, this will then have you making 25 prospecting calls per week, which will be a big improvement if you’ve been barely getting any prospecting calls done at all.

But if you’re already making a solid amount of calls, and you now want to ratchet your prospecting numbers up to the next level, schedule your prospecting time in advance, ideally for the exact same mornings at the exact same times every single week, and then hold that time sacred! When you do this and know, for example, that if it’s Tuesday at 10:00 a.m., that this means you’ll be doing your prospecting, this is a great way to help ensure that you’ll now get more prospecting done, as you’re now making it your #1 priority, instead of just doing it when you feel that you have the time.

So then when you always make getting your prospecting calls done your #1 priority, you’ll now be constantly swimming in a solid abundance of great new leads!