It’s easy in this business to feel like you’re being bogged-down by all of the admin and details involved in trying to propel your brokerage business forward. You can feel like there are higher levels of income that you could get to, but then the phone rings, or you have to follow-up on something in your business, and then you’re so wrapped-up in doing what is already necessary just to keep your brokerage business at its current level.

However, you recognize that you must begin doing things differently, in order for you to attain that higher level of success.

Keeping this in mind, if you’ve never listened to my interview with top broker Scott LaMontagne, or if it’s been some time since you’ve listened to it, I highly recommend that you listen to it right now. When Scott was brand new in brokerage, we began working together, and within just a relatively short period of time, he became a very dominant force within our industry, selling more than $7 billion in properties.

So during my interview with Scott, he tells us the secret of how he runs his business, in order to make incredible money while doing it.

In addition, I’ve had many seasoned brokers tell me that they’ve listened to my interview with Scott many times now, including one 15-year veteran, who has told me that he’s now listened to it more than 20 times!

That’s how much brokers have really enjoyed listening to this interview.

So with this in mind, if you’re interested in learning how to run your brokerage business to maximize your income, and achieve that next level of success, click here to download and listen to the MP3 recording of my interview with Scott.