Sometimes, when you begin feeling overwhelmed, you’ll recognize that you need an assistant working along with you in your commercial real estate brokerage business. But you may not be ready to hire a full-time assistant, and this is where hiring a Virtual Assistant can be of great help to you.

Virtual Assistants can work for you on an hourly basis, and they’ll oftentimes work from their own location, and not need to be physically in your office along with you. So what this will then allow you to do is to pay someone on an as-needed basis, and not be locked into paying them full-time, or even paying them for more hours a week than you may need them for right now.

Virtual Assistants can handle many admin, follow-up, and additional activities for you, including doing transaction management, client follow-up, admin work, paperwork, accounting, graphic design, web design, social media, showing property, and handling the marketing of your listings, along with doing many other activities that they can do for you, too. You’ll just need to make sure that they’re licensed if you need them to do anything that will require a real estate license in your state.

With this in mind, I’m going to give you the link to a website where you can locate virtual assistants who can work for you, and then I’m going to give you a link to an article that will go into even greater detail on all that real estate virtual assistants can do for you, including giving you a number of additional resources for finding these virtual assistants.

Here is the link to, which specializes in providing virtual assistants specifically for real estate, and I know that they have specifically done work for commercial real estate brokers, too. In addition, here is the link to the article I mentioned, that will go into even greater detail on what real estate virtual assistants can do for you, as well as provide you with additional resources on where to find them.