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Determining the 3 Key Activities That Will Generate More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Income for You

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Developing great brokerage business for yourself often comes down to doing just several simple activities consistently. During this video I’ll help you determine the 3 key activities that will generate 65-80% of your brokerage income.  

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Here’s Why Being the Broker Who Delivers the Final Listing Presentation Can Be Important

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During this video I’ll tell you why, especially when you’re working with entrepreneurial owners, it can be very important to be the last broker to deliver your listing presentation to the owner.  

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How Today’s Inflation Rate Is Being Greatly Manipulated Downward

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Have you ever wondered why today’s reported rate of inflation seems so much lower than what we’re really experiencing when we buy things like food, gasoline, and other products and services? This is because the way that the index is calculated has been altered, removing important items like food and energy from the baseline calculation. So if food and energy have been removed from the baseline calculation of the CPI index, it’s easy to see why the reported inflation rate of approximately 2.4% grossly understates the real rate of inflation. Keeping this in mind, take a look at the Chapwood Index, which shows us the much more realistic figures for the real rate of inflation within major U.S. cities. This index shows us that over the past five years, the rate of inflation in ten major U.S. cities has really been between approximately 9-12% per year:...

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Here’s One Activity You Can Do That Will Definitely Land You More Commercial Real Estate Listings

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During this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you one important activity that top commercial brokers are doing that’s getting them to land more listings. When you learn how to do this effectively, you’ll begin building the bond with your owners that will have them saying “Yes” to listing their properties with you more frequently than they’ll be listing their properties with your...

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These Trends Will Rock Our Commercial Real Estate World Globally!

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I was recently a guest on a teleconference hosted by a former U.S. Cabinet member, and my following notes from the teleconference indicate what I believe is now a huge trend that will dramatically impact our commercial real estate world globally. The Brookings Institution says that out of the next 1 billion people in the world who will elevate themselves up to become middle class, 88% of them will be Asian. Between 2015 and 2030, the number of Asian people in the middle class will have risen from 1.4 billion up to 3 billion people. By 2030, the total number of people in Asia in the middle class will be 10X the number of people in the middle class here in North America. In comparison, the number of people in the middle class in Europe and in North America is not expected to change much between now and 2030. Imagine what all of this will mean in terms of competing for worldwide resources! In addition, imagine what this will mean for the development, sale, and leasing of commercial properties worldwide! Where will be the key locations for owning commercial real estate within the Asian countries, and within the additional countries that will working to service this demand? In addition, by 2030, automation is expected to replace 236 million jobs in China, and 73 million jobs here in the U.S., indicating that major shifts will be coming our way within the workforce, and in the usage of commercial real estate right here in...

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Here’s an Idea for Hosting a Commercial Real Estate Agent Open House

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Whenever you’re hosting a commercial real estate agent open house for one of your listings, here’s an idea that can both save you money and provide some sizzle for all of the brokers who will be attending your...

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How to Respond When People Want You to Share Your Commercial Real Estate Commission

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Whenever you’re asked by a commercial real estate principal to share your commission with a friend or a relative of theirs who has their real estate license, here’s how you can respond and then completely reframe the situation to...

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How to Handle Deal-Killing Attorneys When You’re a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Whenever you encounter a “deal-killing” attorney in a commercial real estate transaction, here’s one way to help get the attorney on your side and help you to close your transaction.  

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How to Schedule Appointments When You’re Doing Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

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When you’re prospecting and you want to set an appointment with someone, the more that the person believes that the appointment will be valuable for them, the more likely they will then move forward and schedule the appointment with you. During this 2-3 minute video I’ll show you one way to schedule an appointment with someone that maximizes the probability that they’ll say “Yes” to...

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How Asking Just This One Question Can Begin Doubling Your Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Results Overnight!

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In this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you the one question I started asking during my prospecting calls that began doubling my commercial real estate prospecting results overnight.

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