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Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting–Leaving Powerful Voicemail Messages

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When you’re leaving voicemail messages for the commercial real estate decision maker, you need to leave messages with sizzle in them that will compel the decision maker to want to call you back. During this video I’ll tell you how to leave voicemail messages that will maximize the chances that your decision maker will call you back.

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The Most Important Component of Commercial Real Estate Agent Prospecting

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The most important component of commercial real estate agent prospecting is you getting it done! When you get your prospecting done under all circumstances no matter what, great things will begin happening for you in your commercial real estate brokerage business. You’ll begin locating more leads which will then lead to more transactions for you, and you’ll begin making more money. So make sure you’re scheduling your prospecting time in advance, and let nothing stand in the way of you getting it done. Once you begin doing this, I guarantee that within 90 days you’ll be absolutely thrilled with your...

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Here’s a Simple Commercial Real Estate Agent Game Plan for Success

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Whether it’s immediately after the beginning of the New Year, or any time when you need to put together a solid game plan for success, here’s one way to begin working a simple commercial real estate brokerage game plan for success, especially when you haven’t already put together your own, more detailed game plan.

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The Power of Doing Prospecting, Marketing, and Building Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

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How are you doing at getting your commercial real estate prospecting done? If you’re falling behind this is costing you money! During this video I’ll talk about the importance of getting your prospecting done, give you some tips on how to do this, and tell you about the powerful combination of doing both prospecting and marketing to build your commercial real estate brokerage...

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How to Get More Referrals from Your Commercial Real Estate Clients and Prospects

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You can develop a tremendous amount of new commercial real estate brokerage business for yourself when you’re actively asking your people for referrals. During this 2-3 minute video I’ll tell you the appropriate time to ask them for referrals, and I’ll give you the scripting to utilize when asking them for referrals, too.

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Why Commercial Real Estate Listing Brokers Make the Big Bucks

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In any given commercial real estate market, it’s the top listing brokers who always make the big bucks. During this video I’ll tell you why this is the case, and why you should focus on getting listings instead of on working with buyers and lessees.

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Look at What This Young Man Has Overcome to Become Successful

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As Thanksgiving is now upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on what we are truly grateful for in our lives. It’s so easy for us to constantly compare ourselves to those who we believe are living a better, more successful life than we are, but in reality, most of us here in the U.S. are living much better off economically than more than 90% of the rest of the world.   Keeping this in mind, I recently saw this video, and in seeing what this young man has gone through to be able to sing on stage so magnificently in front of all of these people, it made me feel that much more grateful for all that I truly have in my...

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Here’s a Warning Sign That You’re Not Getting Enough Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Done

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In the beginning of this two-minute video I’ll tell you how much prospecting I recommend that you get done every single week as a commercial real estate broker. Then I mention a major warning sign that will tell you when you’re not getting enough prospecting done.

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How to Generate Solid New Commercial Real Estate Business When You’re Closing a Transaction

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Whenever you’re closing a transaction with a company that will be moving into a new location, what I’m recommending that you do in this 2-3 minute video can represent both a great, simple, heartfelt gift to your clients, as well as an outstanding opportunity to develop more solid new commercial real estate business.

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Here’s One Way to Close Your Owners During Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Listing Presentations

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In this video I’ll tell you how to implement what is called the “Yes Set”, an approach to build momentum with your owners to move them forward and get them to go ahead and sign your commercial real estate listing agreements.

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