When you’re in the middle of a prospecting call with someone, and the person has an upcoming requirement that you’ll want to be following-up on, what’s a good way to schedule that follow-up call with them? Because many brokers will just say something like, “Can I call you again in a week?”, which may or may not be the ideal time frame for your prospect.

So in this situation, consider asking, “When do you recommend that we follow-up again together?”, because this now puts the timing for the follow-up completely on the prospect’s side of the conversation, for them to tell you what will work best for them. And anytime as a salesperson that you can make the prospect feel that what you’re really interested in is taking care of them, this will be a good step towards having them feel that you’re the one broker they’ll really want to be working with.

With this in mind, the sum total of everything you do as a broker has your prospects either thinking and feeling that you’re the one broker they’ll want to work with, or it can create a feeling of uneasiness within them, and have them feel more like you’re just trying to push them into doing a transaction with you.

The more that you recognize this, and the more that you convey that what you stand for is serving your clients’ and prospects’ interests at all times, the more people will begin lining up to do business with you, and the more they’ll want to refer you to their friends and business associates, too.