Let’s face it, Zoom meetings have become a normal part of life for so many people, including commercial real estate agents. But there’s a simple mistake that I see people making, that I believe can alienate the people you’re communicating with on the other end of the meeting, and if you’re trying to build a relationship with someone that you hope will lead to eventually doing business with them, this mistake can be critical.

Notice how when you’re in a Zoom meeting, when you’re looking directly into the camera, the person on the other end sees that you’re looking directly at them, which can be great for both building rapport, and for having them feel that you’re connecting with them.

But then when you’re looking at your own computer screen instead, you’re actually seeing the other person, but at the same time, they see you looking away from them.

So what I see happening here is people are oftentimes spending their time looking at their computer screen during the Zoom meeting, so that they can see the other person, but they’re not really understanding that the other person then sees you continually looking away from them.

Now for casual conversations among friends, this can be fine. But if you’re having a Zoom meeting with someone who you hope to do business with, this can definitely create a problem.

With this in mind, imagine that you’re sitting in a live, in-person, face-to-face meeting with someone in an office, and they’re not looking directly at you during your conversation with them. Wouldn’t this feel like they’re not fully engaged in the conversation along with you, and that they’re making you feel disconnected from them?

This exact same feeling can apply during your Zoom meetings, too, as the other person will see that you’re not looking directly at them while you’re talking to them.

But in order for them to feel like you’re looking directly at them, you need to be looking directly into the camera instead, which may not feel to you like you’re looking directly at them, but on their end, you will be.

Keeping this in mind, what matters most to you as a salesperson is the perception and the feeling that you are creating for your client or your prospect on the other end.

So remember this during your Zoom and online meetings, as I’m sure one of your main goals with your clients and prospects is to connect with them, build rapport, and begin building a relationship with them that will lead to more new business for you…and this is exactly what you will be working towards whenever you’re following this recommendation.