With everyone spending much more time at home these days, and not getting anywhere near the same amount of face-to-face time with their clients and prospects, you need to find new ways to stand out from your competitors. So in keeping this in mind, I told one of my coaching clients, Alex Jize of Voit Real Estate Services, to find a local commercial real estate attorney to do an interview with him, where they’d discuss the attorney’s recommendations on how owners should be handling their tenants who are having a tough time economically right now, and to get his recommendations on how to handle their requests for rent deferments, too.

So Alex did a solid job, in my opinion, of conducting his interview with the attorney, and Alex is now setting the stage to now provide these kinds of interviews to his clients and prospects, while becoming the voice of commercial real estate within his own local San Diego market, too.

This is something that you can do yourself, and in addition to interviewing attorneys, you can interview people like the top investors and developers in your area, economic forecast experts, politicians, and lenders, and as your clients and prospects see you interviewing these leaders, this will then add to the level of prestige that they’ll now see within you, too. In addition, now when you’re doing your prospecting, including the times when you’re leaving voicemail messages for people, you can say, “I’ve just recorded an interview with a commercial real estate attorney, telling you how to handle your tenants’ demands for rent reductions, and I’d like to send you the recording of the interview for free. In addition, this attorney is now offering you a free consultation to discuss your situation with him, too.”

Click here to see Alex’s 25-minute interview.