Scott LaMontagne of NorthMarq has been a coaching client of mine, and he does a brilliant job of differentiating himself and standing out from all of the other brokers. While many brokers refuse to spend money on developing their own businesses, and continually refuse to do what will differentiate themselves and have them stand out from all of their competitors, Scott spends money, including having sent out more than 250,000 mailing pieces within a single year, and he knows how to make his entire team stand out from all of his competitors, too.

With this in mind, Scott told me what he did to successfully land a listing that is now becoming a $2.5 billion development project. He and his team were the first team to make a listing presentation out of seven brokerage teams that the developers were planning on meeting with, and within 30 minutes after his team’s presentation, Scott received a call telling him that he and his team had won the assignment, and that all six of the additional scheduled listing presentations were being cancelled.

So during his team’s presentation, Scott brought in a very well-known architect to discuss his vision for what could ideally be built upon the site, and he brought in the top land use attorney within the city, too. You can imagine the kind of impact that this could make on the developers, as it would be unlikely that any other brokerage team would ever consider doing this.

In the end Scott and his team not only obtained the listing, but they also obtained budgets to pay the architect and the attorney to work along with them on the project, too.

In addition to this, Scott creates videos for some of the significant properties that he and his team work on, and sometimes he even creates the videos before he and his team ever make their listing presentations, showing the owners that they’re already on top of marketing the property before they even get the listing. This in itself can have brokers stand out as the complete class act to their owners, whenever they’re going after obtaining a new listing.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the marketing videos that Scott and his team have put together for their listings, click here.