As a broker you ideally need to give your clients and prospects a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors, but with so many brokers looking similar to each other and making similar listing presentations, how do you differentiate yourself from all the rest of the pack? One way can be to host your own commercial real estate podcast, where you’ll be giving your take on what’s going on within your market, and creating a bond with your clients and prospects as being the one broker who’s keeping them informed on important trends and subjects. In addition, when they’re continually hearing your voice telling them what’s going on, similar to when you’re recording and sending them videos, this can help them feel much closer to you than simply talking to you every three to six months or so when you prospect them.

In addition to this, you can interview the top commercial real estate investors and developers in your area, as well as local business leaders, politicians, and economic and lending experts, too. The truth of the matter is that these kinds of people will love the free publicity that you’ll be giving them, and calling them and inviting them to be a guest on your podcast will be much more effective than simply making a prospecting call to them, in terms of building a much deeper relationship together with them. In addition, your clients and prospects will develop an even greater respect and admiration for you, because you’re now someone who’s both bringing them solid information, and showing them that you have relationships with the most important people within your community.

In addition to this, you could even take this one step further, and do your interviews on Zoom. It’s free, it will now add a video component to these interviews, and your clients and prospects will now get “face-to-face” time with you, feeling that you’re really right there in front of them, which can help them to feel that they’re building an even deeper relationship with you over time, as they continually watch more of these video interviews.

Keeping all of this in mind, audio and video podcasting represent a golden opportunity for you to become the voice of commercial real estate within your territory, and I recommend that you claim this position now within your people’s minds, before many of your competitors finally wake up and begin implementing this.