Brokers all over the country are reporting in to me about the staggering new rates their owners are now facing with their commercial real estate property insurance premiums. So if this has been happening in your area, let me recommend doing the following:

1) Talk with different commercial property insurance agents, and find out what the best solutions or alternatives may be for your property owners, to deal with this situation more effectively. If there are one or two alternatives or companies who can offer better insurance rates than the other companies, you could be providing a tremendous service to your property owners by telling them about this.

2) Consider writing an article about this, or send out an email on the subject, letting your property owners know that you feel their pain, and provide them with any potential solutions or alternatives to help them, including, when appropriate, the contact information for a good insurance agent, who may have the right solution for them.

3) In addition, consider recording a Zoom video interview with an insurance agent who is fully knowledgeable about the situation, who can speak intelligently about what your owners can likely expect around this, and who can offer them some good alternative solutions or insurance programs. Then send the link to watch this video out to all of your clients and prospects who are on your email list.

One of the most important things that you can accomplish as a commercial broker, is to position yourself as the one broker who has their finger on the pulse of what is really going on within the market, while simultaneously reporting in on this to your clients and prospects. When you do this consistently, your clients and prospects will begin seeing you as being the brightest, most knowledgeable broker and leader within your market, and they’ll just naturally gravitate towards wanting to do more business with you.


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