Commercial real estate brokerage is a very entrepreneurial business, and sometimes, despite your advance planning and the game plan that you’ve designed, it can still feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

With this in mind, if you’ve designed your game plan for success in 2024, and you know what you must remain focused on doing every week to build your success, make sure that you stay focused on executing that game plan. But if you find yourself flying by the seat of your pants quite often, or you maybe haven’t designed your game plan for success in 2024, then consider doing the following…

Determine the top three activities that you must remain focused on getting done, to maximize your success for the remainder of the year.

So, for example, depending on how good you are currently doing at executing on the correct activities, consider the following activities that may qualify for your list of the top three activities for you to focus on:



Sending out Email

Improving your presentation skills, and/or improving your listing presentations

Recording and sending out videos, or podcasts

Asking for referrals


Socializing with, and going to lunch with your clients

The chances are very good that if you were to focus on just the three most important activities for you within this list, and do a great job of executing on those three activities, that you will be very happy with the amount of new business that you’ll be bringing in the door.

So determine what these three activities are for you right now, write out a short game plan for what you want to be doing around each one, and then execute on this game plan brilliantly!


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