It’s been years since I’ve offered the opportunity to schedule a one-time coaching call together with me, but I’m going to make this available right now through this Friday, February 9th. So if this is something you’d be interested in, here’s what you will receive:

1) A one-on-one coaching call with me, where you’ll get up to one-hour of my time to ask me any questions you’d like to, that will be designed to take your commercial real estate business to the next level. What I will want you to do is to write down every question you may have around this subject, and submit these questions to me in advance, so that I can review the questions, think about them, and then give you my best recommendations.

2) In addition, I will provide you with a recording of our coaching call, so that you can listen to it again, take notes from it, and better implement everything that I’ve recommended to you.

3) Along with this, you will receive an autographed copy of my Amazon #1 Bestselling Book, Commercial Real Estate Power Brokers: Interviews With the Best In The Business.

4) In addition, I will give you my commercial real estate agent prospecting scripts, as well as a 90-minite audio interview that I’ve recorded with a top commercial broker, and you get to choose the exact subject of the recording. The subjects include Power Prospecting, Becoming A Master At Getting Exclusive Listings, How To Make Outstanding CRE Presentations, How To Design A Great Broker Business Plan, Power Marketing, Closing Your Prospects On Becoming Your Clients, How To Invest In Properties When You’re A Commercial Broker, and Mastering Time Management For Commercial Brokers.

As I mentioned, it’s been years since I’ve made this opportunity to have a one-time coaching call with me available to everyone, and if you’d like to do this, and receive all of these special bonuses, my rate for doing this is $600.00, so please contact me, and this opportunity is only available through this Friday, February 9th!