While it may seem a bit early to some to check in and see how you’re doing around accomplishing your commercial real estate business goals for 2022, I find that oftentimes brokers may get soft on themselves in this arena in the earlier part of the year, which is why I’m checking in with you on this right now. So with this in mind, have you been getting your prospecting calls done every week so far this year? Because if you haven’t been, this means that you’re not doing what you know will have you generate the greatest amount of income for the year.

Many times brokers believe that in the earlier part of the year, that it’s understandable to not be fully on track just yet, and they feel that they still have until the end of December to generate the transactions that they need to close, in order to achieve their income goal for the year. When in reality, they need to have generated their deals by approximately sometime in September, to ensure closing those transactions and getting paid the money from them this year. Which means that you now have approximately just five months to generate the leads that will lead to you closing the transactions that you’ll get paid on this year.

So if you haven’t been getting your prospecting done every single week so far this year, get moving!

In addition, what else did you say that you would be doing differently in 2022, to make sure that you achieved your income goal? Did you determine that you were going do do better marketing, improve your presentation and closing skills, begin utilizing video within your business, or start hosting your own commercial real estate podcast? If so, how are you doing at now implementing these changes within your business?

Because if you’ve been waiting and believing that you still have plenty of months left in 2022 to both generate the income that you desire, and to implement the changes within your business that you feel confident will get you there, you may be scratching your head around the end of September, wondering how the months have disappeared so quickly, and wondering how you can just find and close both sides of a $50 million transaction by the end of December, and get paid a full commission on it, in order to now achieve your income goal for the year.

So take inventory of how you’ve been doing so far this year in doing everything that will have you achieve your income goal for 2022, and if you’ve already been off track from doing everything that you know you now need to be doing, get back on track, and get moving!