Anthony Behar is a commercial real estate broker with Major Properties in Downtown Los Angeles, and he’s doing a tremendous job of marketing himself by utilizing both audio and video. With his videos, he creates the impression of being the roving reporter on the street within his territory, telling people the news stories of what’s happening in commercial real estate, highlighting specific businesses, and even telling the story of what the principals in the transactions he’s recently closed plan on doing with the property they’ve now taken over. In addition, he interviews the top movers and shakers in both business and politics within his market, and he makes these interviews available by podcast.

For some time now Anthony has been publishing his recordings on LinkedIn and on additional social media platforms, and he’s now recently uploaded many of his videos to his new YouTube channel, and you can see these videos by clicking here.

In addition, you can click here to get access to his “Behar on the Block” podcast series recordings, where he interviews the top business and political leaders in Downtown L.A.