When you’re a broker who is going after a listing, and you’re competing against other brokers to get it, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself within the owner’s mind, so you stand out as being the best broker they could ever want to give the listing to.

Unfortunately, so many brokers just show up and deliver the same old listing presentation, not recognizing that it may have become old and tired by now, and then the brokers expect that by relying on this presentation, that this may then cause the broker to stand out to the owner so that the owner will then give the broker the listing.

This philosophy may work for you, but recognize that in order for it to do so, that you may be relying on your competitors to deliver even more boring and mundane listing presentations, than the one that you may have fallen into now delivering yourself.

With this in mind, I recommend asking an owner the following two questions before you design your listing presentation to get the listing on their property:

1) “What will differentiate the one broker you’ll give the listing to, from all of the other brokers?”

2) “Do you have any fears, worries, or concerns about engaging in this upcoming transaction?”

When you ask your owner the first question, you’re basically asking them to tell you exactly what you must effectively communicate to them during your listing presentation, to convince them that you are the one broker who should be listing their property. In addition, you may want to ask them some additional follow-up questions to clearly understand exactly what they want you to show to them, and you’ll want to get as specific as possible in understanding this, so that you can then make sure to deliver this during your listing presentation.

(Hint–Whether they tell this to you or not, there’s a good chance they’ll want you to show them how your marketing approach for their property will blow your competitors away, and will have you sell or lease the property within the shortest amount of time, and at the price the owner will be thrilled with.)

The second question I’ve recommended that you ask them speaks to any hidden, non-verbalized concerns that they may be having about moving forward with the transaction, or with listing the property and now putting it on the market. So with this in mind, when you elicit any fears, worries, or concerns like this, you can now address them within your listing presentation, and you can specifically tell the owner that this is how you will successfully handle the concerns that they had previously mentioned to you.